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CashBox Release Notes 20.0.4

CashBox Release Notes 20.0.4

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features or enhancements.

Current Liability Report

This report generates a CSV format report of liability at the invoice level, on a given day. If run on-demand (not scheduled), the report runs on the date requested, for the prior period. When creating a scheduled report—whether daily, weekly, or monthly—you specify the start date and the report runs on that date each time for the prior period.

The report identifies invoices by Customer ID, Invoice ID, Autobill ID, Billing Plan ID, and Affiliate ID if available. Dates include the service period start and end date, and the invoice date. Currency values include the Invoice Total, Payments Received, Payments Due, and Total Refunds. Earned and Unearned values and Liabilities are calculated based on these values.

Invoices are selected for reporting if

  • Service Start Date <= Reporting Date < Service End Date
  • Service Start Date > Reporting Date, and the Invoice has been paid off
  • Reporting Date <= Service End Date and the Invoice has not yet been fully paid off

The Earned value is either the full amount, if the Reporting Date <= Service End Date, zero if the Reporting Date is before the Service Start Date, or the ratio of the amount times how much of the service period has been fulfilled. If the invoice is half way through the service period at the Report Date, the Earned value is half the amount.

The Unearned value is the Invoice Total less the Earned Value.

The Liability is either the payment less Refunds and Earned Value or, if the Earned value is more than the Invoice Total less Refunds, the negative of the payment due.


On-Demand Basic Monthly Churn Report

The CashBox Basic Monthly Churn Report has been enhanced to provide on-demand report running, in addition to weekly/monthly Churn report scheduling.

This report shows details such as subscribers active at the beginning of a period, subscribers active at the end of a period, and active and passive churn for a given weekly or monthly period for all active billing plans. For every Billing Plan-Primary Product combination with at least one active subscription within the reporting period, the report provides a snapshot of how many subscribers were active at the start of the period, how many were active at the end of the period, and a breakdown of the churn sources. This report shows progress for calendar months under way as well as net churn or growth for completed months.


On-Demand Basic Trial Performance Report

The CashBox Basic Trial Performance Report has been enhanced to provide on-demand report running, in addition to the ability to schedule regular weekly and monthly reports in advance.

This report provides a snapshot, as of the report period start date, showing details such as total sign ups for the trial, subscribers still in the trial, subscribers who converted to paid subscriptions from the trial, and active and passive churn for a given trial sign up period for all the billing plans that have a trial period. Billing Plans with a trial period include all active billing plans that have the first period marked as free. This report also presents progress for trials still under way while also presenting conversion ratios for completed trials.


New Push Notification for Subscription (AutoBill) creation

A new Event—Created—has been added to the Subscription (AutoBill) Event Class. A Subscription-Created Event is triggered when an AutoBill’s status changes to Active or Pending Activation for the first time, and can occur before the AutoBill’s actual Start Date if the start date is in the future. A subscription's status changes to Active or Pending Activation when a customer has signed up and the AutoBill is successfully created.

A Subscription-Created Push message contains full details of the AutoBill Object as returned by the API autobill.fethByVID()call.


Invoice-Based Revenue Recognition Report

The CashBox Revenue Recognition Report has been enhanced to provide a report, in CSV form, of invoices that have a service period start or end date within the two reporting period dates. The report presents, at an invoice item level, regular and annualized revenue that occurs as either previously recognized, currently recognized, or deferred revenue.

Each row in the report contains the invoice identifier, billing plan, SKU, invoice item, index number and AutoBill identifier—and an Affiliate ID if there is one. The service period start and end dates are on the invoice item if it is unique, or on the invoice itself if the invoice item does not have a unique service period date.

The report can be scheduled to run weekly or monthly, starting on a specified date. The report can also be run on demand, an option that allows for larger reporting periods.

The Liability is either the payment less Refunds and Earned Value or, if the Earned value is more than the Invoice Total less Refunds, the negative of the payment due.


Invoice fetch and reporting enhancements

Invoice fetch and reporting have been enhanced to include subscriptions (AutoBills) with arrears billing even during the time between service period commencement and billing.This enables merchants to obtain relevant information (such as amounts and subtotals) in Invoice-based Revenue Recognition and Current Liability reports, before the first billing.


CashBox now returns tax calculation errors

Previously, only the ultimate result of errors reported by external tax services were presented (via Vindicia error codes). Now these have been supplemented by new transaction-level name-values, with the appropriate error details as provided by the tax service.  


Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-26432 Pending Cancel AutoBills are not getting set to the Canceled status A bug caused some Merchant Accepted Payment (MAP) method AutoBills to remain  in the Pending Cancel state when they should have been moved to the Canceled state. This has been fixed.
CB-26854 Error in Portal when trying to modify Account information A bug in the CashBox Portal prevented saving edits of an Account when the Account had both an active and an inactive null-amount Merchant Accepted Payment (MAP) method. This has been fixed.
CB-26874 Duplicate initial billing confirmation emails sent (Global Collect and Direct Debit) A bug was causing duplicate initial billing confirmation emails to be sent to a customer for transactions that use DirectDebit payment methods through GlobalCollect. This has been fixed.
CB-26969 $0 refunds created for credit reversals do not have the Vindicia payment processor set When refunding the currency credits on a transaction, a $0 refund was being created and, under certain conditions, this refund was being set to status Failed even though the credits were successfully reversed. This has been fixed and the refund now shows a status of Complete
CB-26984, CB-27093, CB-26733 Hosted Order Automation w/ Hosted Fields:  Various issues with Safari and Chrome A number of bugs were discovered, reported, and fixed with updates to the Vindicia hosted javascript library.

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