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CashBox Release Notes 20.0.2

CashBox Release Notes 20.0.2

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features or enhancements.

Basic Trial Performance Report

CashBox now supports the Trial Performance Report on Portal. This reports shows details such as total signups for trial, subscribers still in trial, subscribers who converted to paid subscription from trial, and active and passive churn for a given trial signup period for all the billing plans that have a trial period.


Credit History Report

CashBox now supports a Credit History Report in the Portal. The Credit History Report lists all the currency credit activities for a given report period.


Enhanced Order Description field for Select Transactions

The AutoBill.merchantAutoBillId (subscription Id) from Transaction authorizations and refund requests is now provided to Chase Orbital and appears in the Order Description field in Orbital reporting.


Ability to bypass line item details in PayPal checkout process

A new name-value pair (paypal:SuppressItems) now provides the ability, when set to 1, to suppress display of line item details of a purchase during PayPal Express checkout. To prevent showing item detail and pricing, provide the name-value pairs: paypal:SuppressItems and paypal:NoCommitUserAction, both with a value of 1, in AutoBill or Transaction objects.


Basic monthly Churn Report in CashBox Portal

CashBox now provides a monthly report of the churn or growth of subscriber count for a given Billing Plan. For every Billing Plan with at least one active AutoBill (subscription) within the reporting period, the report will provide a current snapshot indicating how many subscribers were active at the start of the calendar month, how many were active at the end of the calendar month, and a break-down of the churn source. This presents progress for calendar months under way while also presenting net churn or growth for completed months.


Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-25075 Wide character issue detected within WebSession.finalize() API call In some circumstances, use of "wide" UTF-8 characters (for example many Chinese character sets) in WebSession methods in fields such as Billing Address country (among others) could cause failures when the calls were otherwise valid. These issues have been resolved to ensure full support as designed for UTF-8 in the HOA process. Also, internal Sales Tax alerts now fully support UTF-8 response text.
CB-26076 MAP Payment Information PMs are not forced to inactive during migration

When a payment is made on a MAP AutoBill, the payment information is saved on the MAP payment method object, and the payment method is marked as inactive.

Previously, during migration of MAP based/invoiced AutoBills, merchants could supply MAP payment record objects on migration transactions (in order to preserve information about the actual payments to the merchant). But that process did not inactivate MAP payment record objects. The work-around was to supply them with the active field set to false at migration time.

Now, on-zero amount MAP Payment Methods are automatically forced to inactive status during migration. The merchant is no longer technically required to directly set the MAP to inactive status.

CB-26203 vin:PayPalNoShippingAddress=1 Name-Value Pair does not suppress the shipping address display when the AutoBill uses a BillingPlan with an initial Free period

Previously, when using the name-value pair vin:PayPalNoShippingAddress to mask the shipping address on Transactions involving digital goods, the shipping address was not masked if the AutoBill was created with a BillingPlan that provided an initial free BillingPlanPeriod. This has been fixed.

Note: For Subscriptions with a free period, the first transaction is used to acquire the Billing Agreement ID (BAID), not for payment. In this case, the first transaction always triggers paypal:NoCommitUserAction = 1  (displaying Agree  and Continue instead of  Agree and Pay on the PayPal checkout page) and paypal:SuppressItems = 1 (not showing product item details) without these name-values being explicitly set.

CB-26243 AutoBill canceled on it's bill day, PayPal transaction Captured, and entitlement not active

Previously, if a customer happened to cancel an AutoBill at just the moment when CashBox was billing for the next month’s entitlement—with the billing transaction still in flight—the AutoBill was canceled and disentitled but a refund was not issued for the transaction that had just been billed towards future service.

Now, when an AutoBill is canceled (or another refund generating operation is called), and the transaction has been captured but is still waiting for its final disposition status update, CashBox detects that the transaction is eligible for refund and handles it properly.

CB-26405 Multiple refunds on the same Transaction

Previously if the Submit button was clicked on the Refund Request Confirmation page in the CashBox Portal and, while waiting for the confirmation, the Submit button was clicked again, the customer sometimes received multiple refunds.

To prevent multiple refunds, the Submit button is now disabled immediately after it is clicked, and a notice appears indicating that the refund request is being submitted.

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