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CashBox Release Notes 20.0.0

CashBox Release Notes 20.0.0

New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following new features or enhancements.

Enhanced Migration (Transactions) to support specified Processor Division Number (ID)

The ability to designate a Processor Division Number on a migrated transaction has been enhanced as follows:

  • By default, the Division Number configured at the global merchant option will be used.
  • If the Division Number is specified on a migrationTransaction (when being migrated in to CashBox), this value will be set on that imported transaction (and used for subsequent activity such as refunds).
  • Also, if the name-value pair vin:OriginalDivisionNumber is provided on a migrationTransaction, that value will be stored in the reference/reporting only portion of the Auth Response of the imported transaction. This is intended to provide a reference/reporting option that does not affect the Division under which subsequent activity (for example, refunds) are processed.


Extended Push Notification retry period

The maximum time window for the overall retry period on Push Notifications that fail has been increased from 300 seconds (5 minutes) to 3,600 seconds (1 hour). This is the overall length of time from the first failure to the last attempted retry of a Push Notification that received an error when transmitted to your listener. The best practice recommendation is to configure for 3 attempts with an interval of 1200 seconds.


Support for Account-level makePayment API calls (without Invoice ID)

Previously, calling Account.makePayment() would fail if a specific invoice were not specified. Merchants can now call Account.makePayment() without needing the specific invoice, with CashBox paying against the oldest unpaid invoice and addressing overpayments according to the “oldest first” rule.


Change to default mapping of legacy Vindicia Tax Classification for Avalara Tax service for DownloadableElectronicData

Previously, the Vindicia Tax Classification value of DownloadableElectronicData had no default mapping, requiring merchants using this classification to set up mapping rules (via Avalara). To simplify use of this value, it has been enhanced to default to the most common Avalara equivalent, D0000000 (generic digital goods). This does not affect historical transactions.


Bug Fixes

The following Bugs were fixed in 20.0.0.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-24761 AutoBill.update returned a 500-error response for GlobalCollect merchants if the customer email address provided to CashBox from GlobalCollect had an ampersand (&) AutoBill:update()was returning Return Code 500 when parsing the response XML from GlobalCollect when it included an ampersand (&) in the email. This has been fixed.
CB-25908 Autobill.migrate setting date/time on migrated transactions to “today” When including a migrationTransaction in an AutoBill.migrate call, the timeStamp returned on the migrated transaction was defaulting to the current date instead of the using the  migrationTransaction.billingDate that was passed in. This has been fixed.
CB-25603 Errors prevented modifying License Based rated AutoBill Items using CashBox Portal. A bug preventing the proper billing of License Based rated products upon a change made via the CashBox portal has been corrected.
CB-25623 AutoBill.modify() returning 400: Still processing a previous transaction for this AutoBill. Please try modification again later. Fixed a bug where an AutoBill could get stuck and not bill again if two AutoBill.modify() calls were being called on the same AutoBill simultaneously.
CB-25703 Quantity Field CashBox Portal during AutoBill creation not working In many cases, when a user specified a quantity other than 1 on an AutoBillItem created/signed-up using CashBox Portal, the quantity was erroneously forced to 1. The Portal now respects the quantity the user enters.
CB-25856 MOLPay AutoBills get reset back to New status when receiving a callback after the expirePending task has Captured a Transaction Fixed a bug for AutoBills that use MOLPay for their payment provider. If an AutoBill's initial transaction is successful, and it receives multiple callbacks from MOLPay, the AutoBill status now remains in Good Standing instead of reverting back to New.
CB-25890 Account Updater Summary displaying no results in some cases Added support to the Account Updater Summary report for Vantiv/Litle &Co and MeS account updater results. Previously, only Paymentech results were showing in the report.
CB-25901 AutoBill.modify() not returning discounted amount when using dryrun to quote with same-item updates A bug in AutoBill.modify prevented campaign and discount information from being returned on the transaction item in the response. This led to a correct transaction total, but undiscounted item totals in one scenario: This only occurred when calling AutoBill.modify with dryrun = true, and when replacing an item with the same item (SKU), but changing the campaign code for that item. This has been fixed to ensure all scenarios quote properly with dryrun.
CB-25984 CashBox returns error when migrating multiple “Due” invoices (migration of MAP subscriptions) A bug was causing CashBox to return an error when migrating in AutoBills with multiple past due invoices. This has been fixed.
CB-26013 Some MOLPay paid Transactions were missing from the Transaction detail Report


Some Transactions, which use the MOLPay payment processor, were missing from Transaction Detail reports. This has been fixed.
CB-25361 Direct Debit SEPA ML AutoBill Portal Mandates Link 500s In some cases, attempting to display a SEPA Direct Debit mandate from within the CashBox Portal led to an unexpected HTML error. This display problem has been resolved.

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