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CashBox Release Notes

CashBox Release Notes

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new feature.

Chase Paymentech SafeTech Tokenization for Salem Platform

This release adds SafeTech Tokenization support for the Chase Paymentech Salem platform.

Bug Fixes

The following bug were fixed in

Ticket No. Summary Description


Setting zero_tx_no_item_merge generates unwanted zero-dollar transactions

Fixed Term AutoBills will no longer generate a $0 transaction after their expiration. Previously this transaction was created to signal that any unbilled usage or final period charge additions were covered—and when these are present a terminal or closing transaction will still be generated, but if there are no new charges, no transaction will be generated (after expiration).


Incorrect AutoBill Status/Billing State values for AutoBills with latest successful billing transactions showing Captured

An error with the AutoBill migration by API process allowed some AutoBills to receive an enhanced AutoBill Status and Billing State of Unknown. The legacy status value used for billing was not affected—it  remained in Good Standing, or in whichever valid status was defined for the AutoBill. 

Because the legacy status was not affected, these AutoBills billed correctly. However, because  in API versions 15.0 and greater only the newer status fields are shown, downstream systems may have only
seentheUnknown status. The CashBox Portal always displays all three Status/State fields, to avoid confusion. This only occurred with AutoBills migrated into CashBox via the API where the initial Billing Transaction was not provided. 

This fix corrects the newer AutoBill Status and AutoBill Billing State values for all affected subscriptions.

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