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CashBox Release Notes 18.0.0

CashBox Release Notes 18.0.0

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features, enhancements or improvements.

Add Filter option to AutoBill.fetchDeltaSince Method

The AutoBill.fetchDeltaSince() call can return a large amount of data, large enough to be problematic parsing into external systems, or risk timeouts. A new parameter has been added to the AutoBill.fetchDeltaSince()method that gives the caller the option to specify just the AutoBill change event types they are interested in, thus tailoring returns to their needs, reducing the data transfer volume, and increasing the speed of the return.

The API method for 18.0 includes a new parameter which can be used to indicate which event types to include, for example:

AutoBillEventTypes = ["status_change","chargeback”];

Not specifying any value will continue existing behavior, which equates to [“status_change”,”transaction”]

To return individual events (or all events), specify any of the following enumerated values.

Enumerated Value Description
account_updater AutoBills that have had an Account Updater event.
Cancellation AutoBills that have been canceled.
catchup_billing AutoBills that experienced a Catch-up Billing.
chargeback AutoBills that have chargebacks received against them.
credit_operation AutoBills that have a credit action (grant/consumption)
delay_bill AutoBills whose Billing has been delayed.
end AutoBills that have ended.
end_date_change AutoBills whose end date has been changed (high volume event).
expiration AutoBills that have expired.
migration AutoBills that have been migrated. 
modification AutoBills that have been modified.
non_recurring_transaction AutoBills that have had a successful associated one time Transaction executed.
notification AutoBills that have generated an email Notification (high volume event).
payment_method_removed AutoBills that have had a payment method removed.
payment_method_update AutoBills that have had a payment method updated.
refund AutoBills that have had a refund.
start_date_change AutoBills whose start date has been changed.
status_change AutoBills that have had a Status change.
transaction AutoBills that have had a successful recurring transaction.

The call has been enhanced to prevent duplication of an AutoBill within a return set (any page)—so AutoBills with multiple qualifying events will be returned once only.


Support for UK Direct Debit through Chase Paymentech

CashBox now supports UK Direct Debit through Chase Paymentech. This utilizes the existing paymentmethod type DirectDebit and requires that the currency be GBP and assigned to route through Paymentech.


Support for (Mobile) Carrier Billing through Huawei

CashBox now supports Carrier Billing through the Huawei Global AEP Platform. The Global AEP platform enables Merchants’ customers to pay for one-time transactions and subscriptions through their Telecom Carriers. Huawei supports carrier billing in countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, through carriers such as Digi, Maxis, Celcom and Umobile.

This utilizes the existing paymentmethod type CarrierBilling.


Support for SEPA Direct Debit through Global Collect Merchant Link (Direct API)

CashBox now supports SEPA Direct Debit integration through Global Collect Merchant Link (Direct API).

This utilizes the existing paymentmethod type DirectDebit and requires that the currency be EUR and assigned to route through Global Collect (direct ML, not HML).


Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in 17.0.2.

Ticket Number Summary Description
CB-14296 Invoice Template Tags improved A detailed review of invoice template tags was undertaken to ensure consistency between invoice tag data generated by the invoicing system and the Vindicia documentation. The invoicing code has been updated and, in some cases, the documentation modified, to ensure that the invoicing template tag data matches the documentation.
  • The value of the transaction_id tag has been clarified to always present the merchant_tx_identifier of the latest payment made against an invoice.
  • The value of the total tag has been enhanced to support a negative value for discount items.
CB-22193 Outstanding Credits Report problems The Outstanding Credits Report was not reliably returning the data requested, and sometimes returned empty when valid data was present. These problems have been corrected; and the report has been enhanced to always show Customer or Account information (even for AutoBill-level credits), to add credit source data from the original grant records, and to limit the report to customers with credits with a run-time balance greater that zero.
CB-23596 Payment History->Download CSV usability improvement Previously, multi-item transactions were displayed in a single cell in CSV version of the Payment History Report – the column structure has been enhanced for readability and usability.
CB-23610 Include whitespace character as a valid character for a billingStatementIdentifier for Litle & Co (Vantiv). Merchants can now specify their own prefix and asterisk on the billingStatementIdentifier for Litle. Previously, we had set up a name-value pair in the merchant configuration called Litle:mccNumber This name-value pair stored the merchant prefix and any value stored as a billingStatementIdentifier on a CashBox Product, Billing Plan, AutoBill, or Transaction would get appended to the prefix. We now support both ways.
CB-19772 Fixes and Improvements: Invoice Aging Report The Invoice Aging report provides Accounts Receivable aging for all uncollected subscription charges not written off. It has been enhanced for performance and usability:
  • Added automatic Currency Code groupings and sub-totals (eliminated master total)
  • Will automatically ignore invoice balances written off
  • Renamed the Current column to <30 Days for clarity
  • Added optional columns (billing attempt count and sequence)
  • Follow on improvements will make this report schedulable in the portal and add an option to calculate aging from the Due Date (as well as the current Invoice Date)
CB-24487 Cycles field not returned during fetch() calls for Coupon campaigns in SOAP versions 13.0 and higher A bug that prevented the cycles data member from being returned on the Campaign object when the campaign type was Coupon, for Soap versions 13.0 and later, has been fixed.
CB-24500 MOLPay-paid AutoBills need to move to Good Standing status if a Transaction is successful For Transactions that use the MOLPay processor, if CashBox gets a successful response from MOLPay during the customer timeout ask, the Transaction status would be updated to Captured, but the AutoBill Status could still show as Processing, and Legacy AutoBill Status would show as New. This has been corrected. The AutoBill is now properly moved to the status Good Standing.

Known Issues

The latest versions of the Chrome browser can exhibit unexpected display problems when utilizing CashBox’s Hosted Order Automation with the newer Hosted Fields approach. We are working with the appropriate teams to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

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