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CashBox Release Notes 17.0.1

CashBox Release Notes 17.0.1

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements. (March 28, 2016)

New Payment Processor Integration: sub1

CashBox now supports Credit Card payment processing using the Sub1 processor. This integration is available in limited release. General Availability and alternative payment options are coming soon.


AutoBill.modify() with MerchantAcceptedPayment (MAP)

The AutoBill.modify()API method has been enhanced to support modifying an active AutoBill to which a Merchant Accepted Payment (Pay by Invoice) method is attached. Charges or credits associated with immediate changes will be recorded against the next or currently open invoice.


New scheduled Portal Report Queue mechanism

The CashBox Portal report queuing system for scheduled reports has been enhanced to allow a much higher volume of simultaneous report generation with shorter run times.


Bug Fixes

The following Bugs were fixed in 17.0.0:

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-17038 Payment History->Download CSV: Amount and Refund output not formatted correctly Fixed a bug in which Amount and Refund were not properly formatted in the downloaded CSV (of the Transaction/Payment History Detail from an Account detail page in the CashBox Portal.
CB-22164 Cloning a campaign in the Portal or using campaignId source via API fails with false error Fixed a bug in which cloning a campaign in the Portal or by using a campaignId source via the API failed with a false error.
CB-22578 Historical AutoBills showing incorrect AutoBill Status and/or Billing State

In some circumstances, long-completed historical AutoBills were not getting assigned the proper new AutoBill Status and Billing State values when those were introduced during the 13.0 release. In the current release, the newer values have been properly updated.

The Legacy AutoBill Status shown in the Portal, and the Status shown in pre-13.0 API calls, were not affected.

CB-22885 autobill.revokeCredit working but showing wrong revoke times An error introduced in release 14.0.0 was setting the Revoke Timestamp for currency credits revoked (using the autobill.revokeCredit()API method) to the same value as the timestamp of the original grant. This has been corrected.
CB-23279 Vindicia processed multiple refunds Fixed a bug with AutoBill.modify()in which CashBox was incorrectly prorating the amount of an item being removed if the AutoBill had been modified once before and had a delayBillingToDate applied to it.
CB-23476 Campaign eligibility not reassessed properly after eligible products and billing plans removed Fixed a bug in which a Campaign could still discount a Transaction after the source AutoBill's Product or Billing Plan had been removed or changed between recurring billings. Eligibility should be re-assessed at every billing.
CB-23494 De-duplicate AutoBills in autobill.fetchDeltaSince() calls AutoBill fetchDeltaSince() calls no longer return duplicate AutoBills within a call. Previously, multiple updates within the specified period could lead to multiple return entries; to clarify the results and improve general performance and usability, CashBox now returns only the latest version of each “delta” AutoBill.
CB-23631 MOLPay Hosted Pages fix to react to late-defined Product (payment method) For transactions with HostedPagesBilling payment methods using payment provider MOLPay, CashBox now updates a transaction's timeout period once a callback is received from MOLPay clarifying or specifying the ultimate payment option used.

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