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CashBox Release Notes 17.0.0

CashBox Release Notes 17.0.0

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.


The Automated Litle & Co. (Vantiv) Chargeback Data Feed Has Been Enhanced

The automated Chargeback data feed with Litle & Co. (Vantiv) has been enhanced to support Chargeback updates in cases where the original chargeback was not presented or not associated with a valid Transaction. The updated Chargeback is now visible in the Portal to facilitate tracking.

Ticket: CB-18334 

Cancel Reasons Support Added to Account.stopAutoBilling SOAP Method

Merchants can now pass the cancelReasonCode when using the Account.stopAutoBilling() SOAP API method, allowing a Cancel Reason to be designated. Previous releases add this ability to the AutoBill.cancel and AutoBill.update methods.

Ticket: CB-21061 

WorldPay Enhancements: 3D-Secure and Hosted Pages Added

The processor integration with WorldPay has been enhanced to add support for:

  • 3D-Secure authentication for Credit and Debit cards (WorldPay processed transactions only.) 
  • Hosted Payment Pages. WorldPay Hosted Payment Pages can accept over 60 payment methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and a wide variety of alternative payment methods.

Ticket: CB-21227 

Push Notification Event Classes and Events Added for Transactions and AutoBills

CashBox adds the following configurable Push Notification Event Classes:

  • Event Class: AutoBills
    • Event: AutoBill Started (Service Start)
    • Event: AutoBill Stopped (Service End)
    • Event: AutoBill Cancelled o Event: AutoBill Modified
  • Event Class: Transactions o Event: Transaction Attempt Failed
    • Event: Transaction Attempt Succeeded
    • Event: Renewal Transaction Succeeded

Tickets: CB-22731, CB-22896

Apple Pay for Chase Paymentech

Chase Paymentech has been added to the list of supported processors for using Apple Pay as a payment method.

Ticket: CB-23031

Bug Fixes

The following Bugs were fixed in 17.0.0:

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-22870 Proration transactions from AutoBill.modify() still missing refund credit line. 

In some cases, when the same merchant customer upgraded an AutoBill twice (using AutoBill.modify()) with immediate proration, the second modify overcharged the customer, omitting a credit that should have been due for part of the payment on the first modify. This happened when the first modify removed product X and added product Y, and the second modify removed product Y. The second modify was not crediting for the unused portion of product Y properly.

CB-21158 in release 16.0.6 fixed this problem for the case in which both modify calls occurred after the 16.0.6 code was deployed.

The current release fixes this bug for the case where the first modify happened prior to 26 January 2016 (release 16.0.6) and the second modify after that date.

CB-23018 AutoBill remains active and goes into retries if a transaction is cancelled during finalizeCustomerAction for HostedPagesBilling. In this release, a bug with the finalizeCustomerAction method, where CashBox was not updating the AutoBill correctly if a HostedPagesBilling transaction failed, has been fixed.
CB-23089 Campaign Redemption Report gives Server Error. Fixed a bug that caused an Internal Server Error in the Portal when trying to run a Campaign Redemption Report. 
CB-23340 Push Notification “Push Special” filter too restrictive. A recent enhancement to Push Notifications for the Entitlement Event Class led to some Stop and Start messages being prevented. The filtering has been improved to ensure that all valid events generate an external Push Notification.

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