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CashBox Release Notes 16.0.2

CashBox Release Notes 16.0.2

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Account Updater “Soft Fail” Responses Enhanced to Support Retry

CashBox has been improved so that when there is a soft fail response (by default definition or merchant configured override), to Account Updater requests, the fail will not prevent subsequent requests within the same period and the credit card will be retried at the next request.

Ticket: CB-17702 

Vin:NegativeAmountTaxClassification Name-Value Pair Ability to Prevent Taxation Added to Avalara Tax Service

For merchants using the Avalara tax engine, you may now use the Vin:NegativeAmountTaxClassification merchant data option (name = Vin:NegativeAmountTaxClassification , value = XYZ) (where XYZ is a tax class) on any transaction—instructing CashBox to calculate a negative tax amount for the part of the total that was paid for using currency credits. This is useful when the customer has already paid taxes when purchasing the currency credits.

Ticket: CB-18925 

“Processor ID” for Transactions

A new data member has been added to the SOAP Transaction object for 16.0+. This field, paymentProcessorTransactionId, presents the transaction identifier used by the associated payment processor. This field can be used to reconcile CashBox transactions directly to payment processor transactions.

Initially this new field will be blank for most processors. Vindicia will add support individually for each integrated payment processor/provider in upcoming releases. As a processor/provider is supported, you will see that new transactions have this value populated immediately.

Tickets: CB-20485, CB-21654

PayPal Express Checkout Enhancements

The CashBox PayPal integration has been improved in accordance with PayPal’s latest guidance:

  • When CashBox issues a refund request against a PayPal Express Checkout transaction, it now sends a Transaction identifier as the InvoiceID corresponding to the transaction.
  • CashBox now passes the customer IP address to PayPal for subsequent transactions (when there is a Billing Agreement ID already on file) in the DoReferenceTransaction call for one-time Transactions.
  • CashBox now provides the ability, in the PayPal Express Checkout page, to mask the shipping address for digital goods. Setting the name-value vin:PayPalNoShippingAddress = 1 on Transactions allows passing of the NOSHIPPING=1 flag in the PayPal ExpressCheckOut request.
  • Previously, a button on the PayPal order approval page prompted customers to “Agree and Pay” (user=commit) even though authorization may not yet have been finalized. Cashbox now offers merchants the ability to set the name-value pair paypal:NoCommitUserAction on transactions. A value of 1 for this field allows removal of the useraction=commit from the PayPal ExpressCheckOut request. This results in the PayPal checkout page showing “Agree to Continue” instead of "Agree and Pay". Merchants can use this feature if they need to do additional checking after the customer exits this checkout page and final authorization doesn't immediately follow. In the current release, CashBox supports this feature only for one-time transactions.

Tickets: CB-21424, CB-21677, CB-21678, CB-21680, CB-21682

Vantiv (Litle & Co.) Transaction and Refund Identifiers—Stop Reversing Transaction/Refund Identifier as Processor ID

Previously, CashBox string-reversed merchant transaction IDs (for example, ABCD123456789 became 987654321DCBA.) The purpose was to ensure uniqueness in the event of truncation. But this practice made it difficult for merchants to easily match transaction IDs between their internal systems, Vindicia, and Litle & Co. (Vantiv.) To better enable merchants to reconcile CashBox transactions against those of Litle/Vantiv, CashBox no longer string-reverses the transaction ID (merchantTransactionId.

Refund Identifiers (populated in the same form as Transaction Identifiers) are also now no longer string-reversed (merchantRefundId.

Tickets: CB-21460, CB-21829 

Support SRD for Refund Object

CashBox now supports the Sparse Response Descriptor (SRD) in the Refund Object. This parameter enables the calling system to constrain a method call to return only specified components, providing greater control over returned content and dramatically improved response time and processing overhead for the call. Any API method supporting SRD, which includes a Refund object, can be constrained using SRD.

Ticket: CB-21462 

Ability to Specify and Provide Custom X-Headers on CashBox-Generated Emails

Merchants can now specify any number of X-Headers on CashBox. Custom X-Headers will be inserted in every email notification generated by CashBox. To submit or change these, open a Support Request ticket specifying the action desired, including the header “name” and “value.”

Ticket: CB-21686

Bug Fixes

The following Bugs were fixed in 16.0.2:

Ticket No. Summary Description


MOLPay merchant data ‘submerchant’ is not parameterized.

For merchants using MOLPay as a payment processor via CashBox, it was not possible to submit transactions to MOLPay using different submerchants within the merchant's main account with MOLPay based on certain transaction data or other conditions. CashBox now supports this functionality for any API version supporting MOLPay.


Zero amount AutoBill transaction from retries staying in New status.

Where an AutobBll in catchup billing was subject to a currency credit adjustment that changed the balance due for the billing cycle to zero, and where the merchant settings required a transaction record for zero dollar amounts, transactions were created but left as new (unprocessed and preventing the AutoBill from recognizing that the AutoBill had been paid for that cycle).

As of the current release these free transactions are processed normally and the AutoBill status is restored to Active and in Good Standing.


Token search does nothing when searching for all tokens via CashBox Portal.

When searching for all tokens, the pop up window prompts "Are you sure you want to search for all tokens?" When you clicked Ok, no results were returned. This has been fixed.


AutoBill.fetchByAccount() failed to return item which is scheduled to be removed at end of current billing cycle.

AutoBill.fetchByAccount() did not return all active items; it returned one item that was scheduled to start in the next billing cycle, but failed to return an item that was still active only until the end of the current billing cycle. This bug has been fixed. AutoBill.fetchByAccount() now correctly returns all current items.


Catchup billing attempts which fail due to AVS policy failures appear to be updating the transaction billing to "Success"

In cases where Account.updatePaymentMethod() with catchup billing enabled was attempted, using an updated payment method that would be authorizable otherwise, but failed AVS or CVN policy checks, the payment method was not updated and the AutoBill was not successfully billed but was erroneously marked so. In the current release, the final AutoBill status now reflects the correct error status of the AutoBill.

CB-21731, CB- 21894

Full amount refund can not be issued against a PayPal transaction partly paid by currency credits

CashBox was not correctly refunding the credit card portion of a PayPal transaction that was paid for partly by currency credits and partly by credit card. This has been corrected.


AutoBill status stays active even though AutoBill failed retry for SOFT ERRORs only.

The new AutoBill Status and Billing State values were not getting updated properly for some terminal events—including Expiration at the end of a fixed-term subscription.

These later status events have been corrected to properly log the event and present the correct Status and State.

Processing and “Legacy Status” were unaffected.


Entitlement Push: Update Date-setting logic.

The date-based data provided in a Push notification for Entitlement events will now match the same format and behavior used with the Entitlement fetch API.


Event History Report returns error message for no results page.

When executing a search that returns no results for the Event History Report, an error message was returned instead of the expected no results message. This has been fixed so that the search no longer displays an ERROR OCCURRED message.


Account.stopAutoBilling() returned a 500 unexpected error message in v16.0 of the API when no AutoBills were passed.

The Account.stopAutoBilling() method was returning a 500 error response when an empty array of AutoBills were passed. This has been clarified to result in a 400 response. At least one AutoBill is required for this method.


PaymentMethod.update returns a 500 response when an undef payment method is passed.

PaymentMethod.update() was returning error code 500 when passed an undef payment method. This has been fixed.

PaymentMethod.update() now correctly returns error code 400 and the message Invalid Payment Method parameter: Missing required parameter payment_method when passing in an undef payment method.


The newer AutoBill Status and Billing State were not always being updated when pending AutoBills started billing.

CashBox was not accurately reflecting AutoBill status—some AutoBills were in Pending Activation status and Unbilled status in Billing State when they were already billed and in Good Standing. This has been fixed. The CashBox Portal now accurately displays AutoBill status. Legacy AutoBill Status is still shown and was not affected.


Transaction “Create Date” inheriting literal start date when a new AutoBill is created with an explicit Start via AutoBill.update().

When an AutoBill was created with an explicitly provided start date that was either in the past or for immediate billing, the initialTransaction was being created with a timestamp that matched the AutoBill's start date (rather than the time that the Transaction was actually created). The transaction billed and processed properly but the artificial “create” timestamp made searching for the transaction in the portal difficult. This was a rare case as most applications only explicitly specify AutoBill Start for future dates.

This issue has been fixed. The time stamp on an AutoBill's initialTransaction now correctly reflects the time the Transaction was actually created. 

CB-22083  Some Newly created entitlements are not showing up for selection in the CashBox Portal. After creating a new product and new entitlement at the same time, during setup of the new product, the entitlement was not then visible in the Available Entitlements window. This has been fixed. Newly created entitlements now correctly display in the Portal. 
CB-22136, CB-22186 Billing Attempt Summary Report: Recent Drop in Number of Successful Billings. PayFlowPro transactions were not represented correctly in the most recent version of the Billing Attempt Summary report. The fault was with the report, not the data. This has been fixed.

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