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CashBox Release Notes 15.0.1

CashBox Release Notes 15.0.1

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Support 3-D Secure for Visa/MasterCard on Global Collect Hosted Merchant Link

CashBox now supports 3-D Secure credit card payment products through GlobalCollect’s Hosted Merchant Link (HostedPages payment methods). 3-D Secure credit card payment products include the following (with GlobalCollect product IDs):

  • Visa (1)
  • Visa Debit (114)
  • MasterCard Debit (119)
  • MasterCard (3)
  • Visa Electron (122)
  • Maestro (117)

Ticket: CB-19731

Enhanced CashBox Support for CurrencyCode Currency Formatting

Following ISO-4217 standards, CashBox now formats select currencies to three decimal places, or no decimal places, as appropriate. For example, where previously CashBox reported a value of 19.121 in Jordanian Dinar as 19.12 JOD, it now correctly reports the value as 19.121 JOD. Where previously CashBox reported a value of 19 in Icelandic krónur as 19.00 ISK, it now correctly reports it as 19 ISK.

Ticket: CB-20626 

Support AutoBill Cancel Reason Code Application and Management in CashBox Portal

The Cancel Reason Code feature introduced in release 14.0.0 is now available in the CashBox Portal. Merchant users can now manage custom Cancel Reasons as well as view predefined codes from within the Portal. Merchant users can also assign a cancel reason when canceling an AutoBill via the Portal.

Tickets: CB-21063, CB-21151 

Streamlined AutoBill Summary on Account Detail Page (CashBox Portal)—Removed Currency and Bill Day Columns

The CURRENCY and BILL DAY columns have been removed from the AutoBills summary section of the Account Details page in the CashBox Portal. This data is still available in the AutoBill Details page but has been removed to streamline the information presentation of AutoBills on the Account Details page.

Ticket: CB-21218

Bug Fixes

The following Bugs were fixed in 15.0.1:

Ticket No. Summary Description


Account.updatePaymentMethod does not honor AVS/CVN Policy when updateBehavior=CatchUp.

Previously, the Account.updatePaymentMethod with updateBehavior=CatchUp was not honoring AVS/CVN policies when they were enabled. This bug has been fixed in the current release and now correctly honors AVS/CVN policies.


Invalid timestamp value returned in the servicePeriodStartDate field of the initial transaction returned by the AutoBill.update() call.

When extraneous timestamp information was passed as AutoBill Item start dates, an issue was encountered where the servicePeriodStartDate returned in one of the line items of the initialTransaction returned for an AutoBill.update() call would be malformed and the call could fail.

The SOAP logic has been enhanced so that if CashBox can interpret the correct timestamp values through truncation of extra digits, it does and the call proceeds if otherwise valid. It is still strongly recommended that calling systems format timestamps and date/times using the formats specified in the API guide.


Specified cycle limits (item.cycles) not being decremented as part of the originating AutoBill transaction.

Previously, when an AutoBill was created with an item whose cycle was set to 1, the cycle was not always decremented after the first Transaction and the item could be charged for again. This has been fixed in the current release (in SOAP versions 9.0.0 and higher) so that cyclesRemaining is always properly decremented.


Active AutoBill and Active Autobills Detail - CSV Download always displays all columns.

Previously, when running an Active Autobills Detail report as a scheduled report, or when sending the results to a CSV file, all columns (the default) were present, regardless of columns specified. In the current release, only the columns specified are displayed in the report and in the CSV file.


Active Autobill Detail and Active AutoBills - New Search Link Missing Newer Reports UI.

In the previous release, the New Search link was missing from the Active AutoBills Detail report and from the Active AutoBills report. This link is now present in the current release.


Account.decrementTokens() returning a 500 when an empty tokenAmounts passed.

Previously, Account.decrementTokens() was returning a 500 error when the token amount was undefined or empty. In the current release, passing an empty token amount generates 400 Failed to decrement tokens. Must specify token amount.


Entitlement.fetchByAccount() with showAll = 1 didn't return all available entitlements

A call to Entitlement.fetchByAccount() request to return all entitlements returned only a partial list in some circumstances. In the current release this call returns a complete list of entitlements.


PayPal one-time transactions process full currency credit incorrectly.

Previously, when the total amount (including tax) of a one time PayPal transaction was completely paid using currency credit, in most cases CashBox consumed currency credit equal to the amount of the transaction, but then erroneously refunded it back to the account. This erroneous credit refund has been corrected. In the current release, the transaction completes as expected with payment using currency credits. However, a transaction paid entirely with currency credits will not retrieve a PayPal Billing Agreement ID. Future enhancement is planned to add this capability as an option.


Delay Opening Portal Campaign Detail Page for a Single Campaign.

Previously, a delay was experienced in opening the Portal Campaign Details Page for a campaign that was both in a Pending state and shared a name with another campaign. The current release has improved performance of the Campaign Details page in the Portal for users who can edit a campaign.


AVS failure during AutoBill creation still results in a captured transaction. The AutoBill is not created.

Previously, creating an AutoBill through HOA with ignoreAvsPolicy set to False resulted in a captured transaction if the transaction otherwise passed authorization, even when the AVS policy evaluation returned a failure from the payment processor. This has been fixed in the current release. When an AVS failure results in AutoBill creation failure, the Transaction is cancelled.


Transaction.auth not returning discount info in the transactionItem if there are more than one discounted item with the same SKU.

Due to recent enhancements, when using Transaction.auth and passing a discount in with the input parameters, the discount information was not being returned in the transactionItem if there was more than one item with the same SKU. This has been corrected–the call now correctly returns discount information regardless of the number of items with the same SKU.


KRW (South Korean Won) transactions are calculating tax including fractional amounts when there shouldn't be fractions – in some circumstances.

KRW tax determination has been updated to return the proper rounded results in all cases.


Campaign State Filter Blocks User From Selecting a Campaign (CashBox Portal.)

The occasional JavaScript error has been fixed.


Invoice aging reports choose display columns fails

The occasional JavaScript error has been fixed.


PayPal one-time transactions that use currency credits fail upon finalization if merchant obtains sales tax address from PayPal prior to the finalization.

When a preliminary address fetch was called prior to finalization the transaction (one-time) was unable to complete. This has been fixed so that the transaction completes as expected.

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