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CashBox Release Notes 9.0.1

CashBox Release Notes 9.0.1

Features and Enhancements

This release adds the following new feature.

Integration to MOLPay Hosted Pages (Payment) Solution

CashBox now supports MOLPay as an option for the existing HostedPages Payment Method. This service offers limited one-time and recurring payment options for Credit Cards, multiple Internet Banking types (e.g. Direct Debit), and alternative Cash options (e.g. Pay By Cash) across Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines, Vietnam, and Australia). This option is available to all API versions that support HostedPages Payment Methods. Use of this payment option requires a Merchant Account with MOLPay and support for the required user redirects on the Merchants purchase and potentially self-service site(s). Due to the complex nature of this integration and the need for a relationship with MOLPay (, we ask that merchants interested in offering this option contact Vindicia.

Ticket: CB-18454

Bug Fixes

The following tickets reflect bug fixes included with CashBox 9.0.1 (Note: Included are the resolutions to Known Issues documented in the 9.0.0 Release Notes).

Ticket No.




Campaign Start and End dates shifted ahead to GMT equivalent when stored.

When a portal user creates and saves a Campaign, the Start and End date timestamps (which should be in Pacific time) are stored shifted 7 or 8 hours forward (to the GMT equivalent of what was entered.)

Fixed. Campaign Start and End effective dates are now stored without translation (Pacific Time.)


Some reports will not automatically download as CSV when a filter is used.

In some Portal reports, when the user runs the report to display results on screen (HTML version), and then opts to use the “download to CSV” function from the results page while at least one additional filter is selected, the expected popup will appear but will be quickly replaced by a Run Reports page and the download is not automatically started. Known to affect the Projections Detail, Transaction Refund Detail, and Transaction Detail reports.

Fixed. Download starts automatically as designed.

CB-19012, CB-18973

Campaign Redemption report can return an Internal Server Error.

When a portal user runs the Campaign Redemption Report for a period in which Campaigns were redeemed, they may see the portal return an Internal Server Error.

Fixed. No artificial error is encountered when running the report.


Some Transactions using Orbital gateway stuck in Pending.

A small number of transactions using the Orbital payment gateway were put into Pending requiring manual intervention to proceed.

Root cause fixed --- all valid transactions should process normally.


HOA using AJAX error response missing expected header.

Certain error conditions resulting from processing Hosted Order Automation (HOA) using AJAX features were returning without an access control header that would be expected to allow the front-end calling page to properly react to the error.

Fixed. The relevant HOA code has been enhanced to provide the required headers.


Some Transactions using Orbital gateway not getting captured.

A small number of transactions using the Orbital payment gateway were not completing capture properly.

Root cause fixed – all valid transactions should process normally.


Test transactions using the Skrill payment method failed if re-using an existing Billing Agreement.

Found in TEST ONLY. Transactions that re-used a preexisting Skrill Billing Agreement would fail automatically.

Fixed. Transactions subsequent to the establishment of a Skrill Billing Agreement process normally

Known Issues

No new Known Issues were detected but unresolved in 9.0.1.

FYI: The following issues were identified during the last major release (9.0.0) testing and will be resolved in the next full release (expected in January 2015):

Ticket No.




Chargeback Summary Report not showing results when no Date range provided.

When a portal user runs the Chargeback Summary Report without providing period start and end dates as search parameters, they will get a “no results” response even if there are Chargebacks.

Users running the report should always provide Start and End dates as report parameters.

Once fixed, the report will again treat no dates as a lifetime-history range (everything.)


On the My Reports list, Projections Detail Report entries will show some HTML code in the third column.

When viewing the list of your recently run/generated reports, any entries for the Projections Detail report will have a harmless set of HTML tags in the first line of the third column (of the list, not the report.)

When encountering this issue, the HTML tags can be ignored. This issue only affects the display of the list (not the report contents) and only for the Projections Detail report.

Once fixed, the list information will display correctly.

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