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CashBox Release Notes 9.0.0

CashBox Release Notes 9.0.0

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Mapping tax classifications to Avalara tax codes

If you add an Avalara AvaTax code in the CashBox GUI Tax Classification field (or pass one using the taxClassification subobject in the CashBox API), CashBox works with Avalara AvaTax to provide the tax rate based on the origin and destination jurisdictions. The tax rate calculation considers all local, state (or province), and national tax laws for each item, product, or service. For example, if you enter the Avalara “P0000000” tax code, AvaTax calculates the tax rate only in jurisdictions where downloadable electronic data is a taxable entity.

Ticket: CB-18704 

AutoBill.modify() API support for Seasonal Billing Plans

The AutoBill.modify() API for SOAP 5.0 and above now supports AutoBills that use Seasonal Billing Plans. For more information, see the CashBox API Guide.

Ticket: CB-18412 

AutoBill.update() API improvements (for SOAP 9.0+) 

Vindicia has made the following improvements to the AutoBill.update() API for SOAP 9.0 (and above):

  • CashBox now returns the initial Transaction in the output to an update call for new subscriptions.
    • • The Transaction will be provided in a new object entitled initialtransaction.
    • • The Transaction is a complete object – and includes Taxation (if any). It will be       returned for “Dry Runs” as well as actual AutoBill creations.
    • • The Transaction is only returned if an immediate billing is possible (suggest using     startDate of “today” for Dry Run calls to provide an immediate “quote” even when the    actual AutoBill creation will use a future startDate).
    • • CashBox now returns these transactions on AutoBill updates for any amount,            including 0 amounts—this results in an initial Transaction return even for free trials or    when the expected charge has been fully offset by discounts/credits.
  • CashBox has altered the approach to validations/authorizations: The new validateForFuturePayment flag has replaced validatePaymentMethod. You may request an immediate validation for future payments by setting the validateForFuturePayment flag to true.

  • If the billing is scheduled for today, CashBox authorizes the full amount immediately. In the event of a failure, CashBox responds according to the immediateAuthFailurePolicyThe immediateAuthFailurePolicy options are as follows:

    • doNotSaveAutoBill: (Default) deletes the AutoBill without saving it
    • putAutoBillInRetryCycle: Creates AutoBill and retriesthe authorizaton
    • putAutoBillInRetryCycleIfPaymentMethodIsValid (recommended)
  • If the billing is scheduled for a future date, then the validateForFuturePayment flag is used to determine whether we should do a minimal authorization ($0/$1) immediately.

Tickets: CB-18141, CB-18142, CB-16002 

Email template improvements

The CashBox email templates now include tags for showing customers the total amount of a purchase before a discount (total_before_discount) and the total discount (total_discount.) For more information, see Working With Customer Notifications in the CashBox Programming Guide.

Ticket: CB-17820 

Push notifications 

Push notifications offer immediate unsolicited notification of a tracked CashBox EVENT with configurable options for delivery and EVENT selection. The initial release of this feature makes available two EVENT CLASSES:

  • Adjustments: with 1 EVENT: Refund Request
  • Entitlements: with 2 EVENTs: Entitlement Started and Entitlement Stopped

For more information about the available push notifications and setting up a listener to receive notifications, see Setting Up Push Notifications in the CashBox Programming Guide.

Ticket: CB-16391 

Displaying the merchant AutoBill ID on Transaction Detail Reports

To display the merchant AutoBill ID on a Transaction Detail Report, select AutoBill ID in the Display Columns area of the Run Report: Transaction Detail dialog box.

Ticket: CB-18479

Bug Fixes

This release include the following bug fixes.

Ticket No.




Improved routing of transactions to GlobalCollect.

The acceptance rate for CashBox transactions routed to GlobalCollect has improved significantly.


Fixed a GUI issue with creating coupon campaigns.

When you create a coupon campaign in the GUI with the “Requires Activation Before Use” checkbox selected, the checkbox selection now registers correctly.


More accurate error message for rate plan edits.

When you edit a RatePlan, altering the RatePlan pricing may affect customers who have already agreed to the previous pricing. The error message for RatePlan edits more accurately warns against pricing edits that may impact existing AutoBills.


Chargeback API call improvement.

Chargeback.fetchByMerchantTransactionId() calls now return the current (latest) status for chargebacks associated with a transaction.


AutoBill.cancel calls no longer change the date on a completed AutoBill with a past date.

AutoBill.cancel() calls no longer reset the date to the current date on an AutoBill, if the AutoBill date has passed, and billing is complete.


Edit AutoBill page now displays prices correctly.

When you edit an AutoBill, the AutoBill items now correctly display prices set in the rate plan.


Sales tax is now calculated even on a zero subtotal.

CashBox now calculates sales tax even if the subtotal is zero. Because CashBox now calculates the tax based on the tax classification and tax address for each item, tax details resulting from a change are now properly assessed.


Fixed an issue with AutoBill searches.

When you perform an AutoBill search, CashBox displays results that more accurately show where an AutoBill is in its billing cycle.


Fixed an issue with the cancellation email template.

The cancellation email template now correctly displays the SKU, price, and description when CashBox processes a cancellation.


Improved awareness of AutoBill.modify() calls when CashBox settles an AutoBill.cancel() transaction.

AutoBill.cancel() calls now prorate correctly if the most recent activity on an AutoBill is an AutoBill.modify() call. This change affects all CashBox API versions.

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