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CashBox Release Notes 8.0.2

CashBox Release Notes 8.0.2

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Improved Sales Tax Detail Report

If you use Avalara AvaTax to calculate tax rates, you can use the CashBox Sales Tax Detail report to show a list of tax amounts for transactions that occur within a specified date range. The tax amounts are shown per transaction and per jurisdiction.

The report also includes the following changes:

  • A new Tax Jurisdiction ID column.
  • Report columns are renamed to improve consistency. For example, the Refund Identifier column is now called Refund ID.

Ticket: CB-17724 

Push Notifications

Vindicia is developing a push notification framework to notify merchants when specified billing events occur. The expected release date for this framework is December 2014.

As a precursor to the push notification framework, Vindicia is providing limited support for "Refund Submitted" events in the current release. The Refund Submitted push notification feature is available on request. To request Refund Submitted push notifications, contact Vindicia Product Management (

If you set up Refund Submitted push notifications, CashBox will send unsolicited, asynchronous JSON messages to a secure target URL you provide whenever the CashBox API or CashBox GUI portal performs a refund.

IMPORTANT: The push notifications feature requires you to develop and maintain a "listener" designed to receive and interpret the JSON messages.

Each JSON messages includes a unique message identifier, a timestamp, and refund details based on the same return data available to the Refund.fetch API methods (such as Refund.fetchByVid.

Ticket: CB-18158

Bug Fixes

The following tickets reflect bug fixes included with CashBox 8.0.2.

Ticket No.




Fixed an issue in Transaction Refund reports.

The Account ID for one-time Transactions now appears correctly in Transaction Refund reports.


Improvements to the Campaign Redemptions report.

In the CashBox GUI, the Campaign Redemptions report now displays data if either of the following are in the date range:

  • The redemption date.
  • The revenue date.


Updating the payment method on a specific AutoBill now works as expected.

If you use AutoBill.update() to update the payment method on a specific AutoBill, the start date remains unchanged. This change affects all CashBox API versions.


Avalara AvaTax only accepts ASCII characters.

When CashBox sends your merchant data to Avalara AvaTax, it strips out non-ASCII characters to conform to Avalara AvaTax conventions. This API change affects CashBox versions 5.0.0 and above.


Fixed an issue with AutoBill.modify() calls.

If an AutoBill.modify() operation is past the retry cycle but within the grace period, the operation executes successfully.

This API change affects CashBox versions 5.0.0 and above.


Affiliate IDs with a “0” value are now permitted.

The CashBox GUI now accepts a “0” value for the Affiliate ID when you create or edit an AutoBill.


Fixed a performance issue.

In the GUI, you can now view Transactions that do not include a PaymentMethod.


Updating pricing and terms with AutoBill.modify() now works as expected.

If you make an AutoBill.modify() call with effectiveDate set to nextBill, the nextBill data member now contains the correct information.

This API change affects CashBox versions 5.0.0 and above.


Fixed an issue with MeS-bound extended postal codes.

In previous releases, some MeS-bound credit card transactions failed with a 106 error code if the billing address postal code contained:

  • Spaces or special characters
  • More than 7 alphanumeric characters

These MeS-bound transactions now process properly. This change affects all CashBox API versions.


Fixed an issue with AutoBill campaign discounts.

AutoBill campaign discounts created in the middle of a billing cycle are now correctly applied on the next bill.

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