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CashBox Release Notes 7.0.2

CashBox Release Notes 7.0.2

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

CashBox HOA Support for Ajax

It is now possible to perform an HOA form post using Ajax. This returns a response header called Redirect-URL that can be used to define the actions you want to take rather than performing an automatic 302 redirect in the browser. The content of the returned header is unchanged from the previous behavior, that is, it will contain either the returnURL or errorURL values as defined when setting up the WebSession object. To enable Ajax, one of the following needs to be true:

  • There is a request header called X-Requested-With with a value of XMLHttpRequest.
  • The returnURL parameter starts with the string ajax rather than http.
  • A form parameter called vin_ajax is passed in with a nonzero value.

Version 4.0+

Ticket: CB-13762 

AutoBill Searches Now List the AutoBill Cycle

The AutoBill Cycle column is available in the list of display columns provided in the Search AutoBills page. The first AutoBill of a cycle is set to 0. 

Ticket: CB-17918  

CashBox Customer Accounts Now Provide Tax-Exempt Information on Behalf of Avalara-Enabled Merchants

For merchants using Avalara, CashBox customer Accounts and Transactions now provide tax-exempt information that can be passed to Avalara. Avalara-enabled merchants are no longer required to edit tax-exempt Transactions via Avalara. Version 5.0+ 

Ticket: CB-17854 

CashBox Supports the new GlobalCollect  WX File Specification

Global Collect formerly communicated to CashBox via a WR file, which is being retired and replaced with a new WX file format. 

Ticket: CB-17462 

CashBox Now Voids Cancelled MasterCard and Discover Transactions  

Previously, CashBox did not automatically void cancelled Transaction auths where the PaymentMethod was either MasterCard or Discover. With this fix, cancelled MasterCard and Discover Transaction auths are automatically voided. American Express does not currently support voids through Vindicia processors.

Version 5.0+

Ticket: CB-12235 

Email Notifications Can Include Merchant Account IDs

The CashBox Template Toolkit for creating billing event email notifications now includes a merchantAccountId tag.

Version 5.0+ 

Ticket: CB-17936 

CashBox No Longer Requires Specifying a $0 Price for Correct Billing

When the price for a Product or Billing Plan is not specified, CashBox now codes the price as $0.00 and returns no errors.

Version 4.1+

Ticket: CB-16521 

Bug Fixes

The following ticket items reflect bug fixes included with CashBox 7.0.2.

Ticket No.




AVS failures no longer result in Transaction.amount calculation errors for Avalara-enabled CashBox deployments.

Previously, an AVS failure during an AutoBill.modify call would result in a Transaction.amount calculation error for Avalara-enabled CashBox clients. With this fix, AVS failures no longer result in incorrect Transaction.amount calculations.

Version 5.0+


CashBox now calculates the correct AutoBillItem startDate when it is set to 1 season in AutoBill.modify or AutoBill.update calls.

Previously, when the AutoBillItem startDate of AutoBill.modify or AutoBill.update calls was set to 1 season, CashBox did not take into account the daysBeforeSeasonToBill field, which is designed to start billing before the season starts. Now, CashBox calculates the correct startDate for these AutoBillItems.


AutoBill.modify no longer fails when Products are removed from modified AutoBills.

Previously, removing old Products from AutoBills that had been modified with a new Billing Plan resulted in an AutoBill.modify failure. With this fix, removing a Product functions as it should regardless of previous modifications to the AutoBill.

Version 5.0+


AutoBill.update returns next billing as expected.

The nextBilling data member is designed to return the first billing after the current date. Previously, in certain race conditions, however, it would return today’s billing. This is no longer the case, and it will always be the first billing after the current date.


Adding a currency discount campaign to a one-time transaction no longer fails.

A bug was recently introduced that caused a currency discount Campaign on a one-time Transaction to fail. With this fix, currency discount Campaigns can be added to one-time Transactions, and CashBox correctly calculates the discount.


Tags for sku, price, and description are now available in the Cancellation Email template.

Previously, tags for sku, price, and description were not available in the Template Toolkit’s Cancellation Email template. With this fix, the tags for sku, price, and description are available.

Tags are coded as arrays, and they are referenced as:




Individual elements of each array are index-aligned and referenced by:




Elements at index 0 in each array refer to the same item in the Transaction.


Applying a CampaignCode to an AutoBillItem after a completed Campaign no longer results in an error message.

Previously, if you applied a CampaignCode to an AutoBillItem after a previous Campaign had finished granting its discount, CashBox would return an error message. With this fix, you can successfully apply CampaignCodes to AutoBillItems after previous Campaigns are no longer providing a discount to the AutoBillItem.


If a Transaction authorization fails due to AVS policy, CashBox now voids the authorization.

Previously, if a real-time Transaction authorization failed due to AVS policy (a billing address mismatch), CashBox did not immediately void the Transaction authorization. With this fix, AVS policy failures result in the immediate voiding of all associated transaction authorizations

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