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CashBox Release Notes 7.0.1

CashBox Release Notes 7.0.1

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new feature.

CashBox HOA support for Ajax

CashBox Hosted Order Automation (HOA) now supports Ajax code without special redirects. Version 4.0+

Ticket: CB-13762 

Bug Fixes

The following ticket items reflect bug fixes included with CashBox 7.0.1.

Ticket No.




Websession.finalize SoapId input parameters now work with HOA.

Previously, HOA would fail when making Websession.finalize SoapId calls. HOA now works as expected when you pass input parameters with Websession.finalize SoapId calls. Version 5.0+


AutoBill.modify calls now refund the correct amount.

Previously, some prorated refunds on discounted items were too high. With this bug fix, prorated refunds on discounted items are now correct. Version 5.0+


CashBox no longer returns an error for AutoBill.modify calls adding AutoBillItems with pricing overrides.

Previously, due to an issue saving pricing information, CashBox would return an error for an AutoBill.modify call that added an AutoBillItem with override pricing (rather than using the Product pricing). CashBox now correctly honors the pricing information on the AutoBillItem when it is specified. Version 5.0+


The CashBox Portal no longer fails to create a Billing Plan that is set to run a set of Billing Periods unlimited times.

When creating a Billing Plan, the CashBox Portal was not correctly saving the checked option for running a set of Billing Periods unlimited times. Now, when this option is checked, the Portal creates the Billing Plan correctly.


The Projections Detail Report was added to the My Reports feature set.

You can now set up Projections Detail Reports in a schedule or run them one at a time. When reports in the My Reports section are complete, email notifications are sent out.


AutoBill.modify now calculates proration correctly for same-period Product changes.

Previously, AutoBill.modify would miscalculate proration when a single Product was added and removed several times within the same billing period. CashBox now correctly handles these situations. Version 5.0+


AutoBill.modify no longer fails when a refunded item had been previously debited on a $0 amount Transaction.

Previously, if an AutoBill modification included a Product addition, among other actions, and resulted in a net refund, the modify call would fail if, during the same billing period, you attempted to remove that Product. This issue is now fixed. Version 5.0+


CashBox now calculates refund taxes accurately after a customer change of address.

Modification transactions can include the tax portions of items being removed or refunded. CashBox now calculates these tax portions using the date and address of the original purchase rather than that of the modification transaction. Version 5.0+


Tax credits generated from AutoBill.modify are now reported to Avalara.

Credits for tax items generated from an AutoBill.modify call are now properly committed to Avalara for reporting. Version 5.0+


If an AutoBill.update call fails, any coupons associated with the call remain active.

CashBox no longer redeems single-use coupons when AutoBill creation fails due to payment method issues. Customers can now fix their payment methods and successfully redeem their coupons. Version 5.0+

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