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CashBox Release Notes 7.0.0

CashBox Release Notes 7.0.0

Features and Enhancements

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This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

AutoBill.modify handles Installment and Seasonal Billing

You can now use AutoBill.modify to make subscription changes to an AutoBill when using an installment or seasonal Billing Plan. CashBox will correctly calculate the credits, debits, and service period dates due to any AutoBill Item and/or Billing Plan changes using AutoBill.modify. Example of an installment Billing Plan: 4 monthly payments for 1 year of access. You also have the option to automatically repeat every year. Example of a "seasonal" Billing Plan: 4 monthly payments for 1 season. You also have the option to automatically repeat at the start of the next season. 

Ticket: CB-15951 

Add Ooyala Backlot Labels and Assets as Entitlements to Products in the CashBox Portal

Merchants using the Ooyala Backlot product can now add Ooyala Backlot Labels and/or Assets to a CashBox Product to define an Entitlement. The CashBox Portal presents the user with the Ooyala Backlot Assets and Labels. The merchant can select from those Labels and/or Assets and add those to a CashBox Product as a way to define an Entitlement. Ooyala Backlot is integrated into CashBox to read these special Entitlements and grant customers access to the appropriate content upon successful purchase of a product.

Ticket: CB-15850 

Use AutoBill.modify to Immediately Remove an AutoBill Item That Has Been Targeted for Future Removal

If you remove or replace an AutoBillItem through an AutoBill.modify call to take effect nextBill, but then realize the AutoBillItem should be replaced immediately, CashBox now supports the immediate removal by accepting another AutoBill.modify call.

Ticket: CB-17595 

Bug Fixes

The following ticket items reflect bug fixes included with CashBox 7.0.0.

Ticket No.




The Projections Detail Report now factors in AutoBillItems.

In previous versions, the Projections Detail Report did not factor in prices defined on Products (AutoBillItems.) The report looked only at pricing on the Billing Plan. This report now handles pricing on both the Billing Plan and on Products (AutoBillItems.).


The CashBox 5.0 Release Notes no longer indicate the removal of the currency data member.

The CashBox 5.0 release notes originally indicated erroneously that the currency data member had been removed from the AutoBill and AutoBillItem objects.


The CashBox Portal now shows Account pages even when there are deleted Invoices.

In previous versions, the Account view screen was not accessible for Accounts that had deleted Invoices. Instead, a 500 internal server error was displayed. The Account view screens are now accessible.


Product.fetchAll and BillingPlan.fetchAll no longer return blank pages when there are still items to fetch.

Product.fetchAll and BillingPlan.fetchAll were sometimes returning blank pages or fewer items than requested even when there are additional items to fetch in subsequent pages. CashBox will no longer return a blank page or a page with fewer items than requested when there are still additional items on subsequent pages.


In dryrun mode, AutoBill.modify changes effective on the next cycle are now correct.

In previous versions, AutoBill.modify changes with an effectiveDate of nextBill yielded incorrect results when dryrun was set to true. Now, AutoBill.modify dryrun changes yield correct results.


campaignId is now returned for all appropriate TransactionItems.

In previous versions, the campaignId was not being populated on some TransactionItems. This has been fixed so that the campaignId is now always populated on the correct TransactionItems. The sku for TransactionItems that represent discounts for a Product were sometimes not including the string "merchantProductId" in front of the actual value for the merchantProductId. Now this string is always included for TransactionItems that represent a discount on a Product.


Failed AVS/CVN policy full amount authorizations are no longer generating initial billing success notifications.

In previous versions, successful authorization Transactions for the full amount that failed the AVS/CVN policy generated billing success notifications even though the Transaction was voided due to the AVS/CVN policy. This has been fixed so that CashBox no longer sends the billing success notification in this situation.

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