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CashBox Release Notes 6.0.0

CashBox Release Notes 6.0.0

Features and Enhancements

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This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

SendCancellationNotice Input Parameter Added to the AutoBill.cancel Method

When set to true, the SendCancellationNotice input parameter sends the AutoBill cancelation email. When set to false, cancellation email is not sent. The AutoBill cancelation email template must be configured for SendCancellationNotice to work. The default value for this field is true.

Ticket: CB-17075 

Emails Using the TemplateToolkit tags and the CashBox Responsys Integration Now Support Multiple-Item AutoBills

You can show information for all AutoBillItems on a customer’s subscription for email events leveraging the TemplateToolkit email tags, as well as with your Responsys integration. Previously, you could only show the first item on the AutoBill. The following CashBox email tags have been added:

  • item_description[n]
  • item_sku[n]
  • item_price[n]

The following CashBox email tags have been deprecated:

  • desc[n]
  • price[n]
  • sku

Ticket: CB-16956 

Integration with Amazon Subscription Payment Service as a CashBox Payment Method

CashBox is now integrated with Login and Pay with Amazon, a new recurring-payment service offered by Amazon. This is implemented as a Payment Method in CashBox called Amazon. For more information, see Integrating the 'Login and Pay with Amazon' Payment Method with CashBox.

Ticket: CB-16859 

Sort by Date and Status in the Payment History Table In Account View in the CashBox Portal

You can now sort by date or by status in the Payment History table on the Account screen in the CashBox Portal.

Ticket: CB-16770 

Send a GUID for the Responsys CUSTOMER_ID

CashBox has implemented a new name-value pair: vinResponsys:CUSTOMER_ID. If this is on the Account, this NVP is passed to Responsys as the CUSTOMER_ID. If this is not on the Account, CashBox passes the merchantAccountId as it has always done. 

Ticket: CB-15781 

Paysafecard Transactions through GlobalCollect HML Have a CashBox Timeout of 21 days

GlobalCollect HMLPaysafecard transactions can take up to 21 days to clear, so the CashBox timeout period has been extended to allow for that time. CashBox sets the Transaction status to Canceled if CashBox doesn't receive an update from the processor within the timeout period.

Ticket: CB-17171 

Account.updatePaymentMethod Now Edits the Existing Payment Method

Account.updatePaymentMethod has been enhanced to do the following in the individual cases noted below:

  • If the merchantPaymentMethodId of an existing Payment Method is passed, then that Payment Method is edited. If replaceOnAllAutoBills is false, this edit is applied to all AutoBills using that Payment Method, and no other.
  • If a new merchantPaymentMethodId is passed, then a new Payment Method is created. If replaceOnAllAutoBills is false, then the new Payment Method will not be applied to any AutoBills. If it is true, it will be applied to all.

Ticket: CB-16623 

Entitlement Object source Data Member Removed

The source data member for the Entitlement object has been removed. This data member was providing redundant information with other data members available on the Entitlement object.

Ticket: CB-15860

Bug Fixes

The following ticket items reflect bug fixes included with CashBox 6.0.0.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-17365  The merchant_affiliate tag is now filled out correctly when using TemplateToolkit tags for emails. In previous versions, emails using the TemplateToolkit tags were populating the merchant_affiliate tag incorrectly. Now, this tag is correctly filled out.
CB-17306 TransactionItems generated from an AutoBIll.modify incorrectly set the sku for discount TransactionItems.

TransactionItems generated from an AutoBill.modify incorrectly set the sku for discount TransactionItems to VIN_CampaignDiscount. Now it correctly sets it to one of the following values:

  • Discount for merchantProductId [merchantProductId]
  • Discount for merchantBillingPlanId [merchantBillingPlanId]

The [merchantProductId] is set to the value of the merchantProductId on the Product being discounted. Same applies for the [merchantBillingPlanId].

CB-17274 AutoBill.modify now respects AutoBillItem Amounts. AutoBill.modify did not factor in the AutoBillItem override prices. Now, AutoBill.modify factors in the AutoBillItem override prices.
CB-17117 AvaTax enablement no longer prevents merchant from defining Campaigns. This is a bug fix in the interface between CashBox Campaigns and AvaTax.
CB-17015 Projections Detail Report now works for merchants who use prices on Products. The Projections Detail Report now properly factors in prices defined on Products.
CB-16998  Removed the recordMethod data member from the Event object. Removed the recordMethod data member from the Event object. This data member was never implemented and was a design artifact of an older approach that was being explored.
CB-16857 For pre-5.0.0 Transactions, CashBox now returns values for servicePeriodStartDate and servicePeriodEndDate. When fetching a Transaction using the 5.0 API or later, the servicePeriodStartDate and servicePeriodEndDate data members are now populated for Transactions that were processed before the release of the 5.0 API. Previously these data members were left blank for these older Transactions.
CB-15192  Editing an AutoBill in the CashBox Portal to change the payment method does not generate an AutoBill event log entry. Previously, when editing the Payment Method of an AutoBill in the CashBox Portal, CashBox did not always properly reattempt billing. Now, as long as the AutoBill is within its grace period or there is another retry scheduled, CashBox will reattempt to bill an AutoBill whose Payment Method was edited in the CashBox Portal.

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