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CashBox Release Notes 5.0.1

CashBox Release Notes 5.0.1

Features and Enhancements

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This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Extended Payment Provider Support for AutoBill.migrate and Transaction.migrate 

The AutoBill.migrate and Transaction.migrate API methods enable you to move your customer data from a prior billing system to CashBox. This allows you to have CashBox take over the billing for any active subscription and to have a single system of record for those subscriptions. The following payment processors and payment methods have been added:

  • Chase Paymentech with Credit Cards
  • Merchant e-Solutions with Credit Cards
  • PayPal Express Checkout

Ticket: CB-16967

Apply Campaign Codes to Specific TransactionItems

You can apply a campaignCode at the Transaction level and CashBox calculates discounts for all eligible items. You can also apply a campaigncode to an individual item, and CashBox individually calculates the discount for each individual TransactionItem. This is done in the Transaction.auth and Transaction.authCapture API methods.

Ticket: CB-16375

Display the Cost of Subscription Changes to a Customer Before Payment Method Is Defined

AutoBill.modify now works with dryrun for AutoBill objects that do not have a defined payment method. If the customer is satisfied with the cost of changes, merchant can then prompt customer for a payment method.

Ticket: CB-17088

AutoBill.modify and Refunds

Refunds that result from a subscription modification using AutoBill.modify now allow merchant to get to the details of the credits and debits that resulted from the modification. Specifically, the Refund note data member contains the merchantTransactionId of the associated modification Transaction. The modification Transaction is the object that contains the debits and credits. 

Ticket: CB-16957

Enhanced Performance When Applying CampaignCode with Multiple Products

If you are applying a campaignCode in an AutoBill.update call and there are multiple eligible products, performance is now faster.

Ticket: CB-16938

AutoBill.modify Supports PayPal Payment Method

AutoBill.modify supports the PayPal Payment Method. When the API call is made, CashBox immediately attempts to bill or refund the customer the appropriate amount without redirecting the customer to PayPal. The results are provided in the output of the API call.

For more information, see Using PayPal with CashBox.

Ticket: CB-16876 

Bug Fixes

The following ticket items reflect bug fixes included with CashBox 5.0.1.

Ticket No. Summary Description
CB-17145  A removed discount is no longer applied to a future AutoBill. Previously, an AutoBill.modify call that removed an AutoBillItem with a campaign discount would continue to apply the discount to future bills. Now, once the AutoBillItem is removed, the associated campaign discount is also removed.
CB-16930  Fixed incorrect behavior of AutoBill.modify with campaign discounts. AutoBill.modify now correctly handles discounts that were previously removed and never used.
CB-17121 Support cycles data member in AutoBill modifications. You can now add products via AutoBill.modify that have a limited number of future billing cycles. Previously, CashBox set added products to have an infinite number of billing cycles.
CB-16764  Payment method updates for child Accounts.

CashBox now allows the payment method for all parent and child AutoBills to be updated in a single API call.

For the Account.updatePaymentMethod API method, when updateBehavior is set to CatchUp and replaceOnAllAutoBills is set to true, all AutoBills of the child Accounts, except for those that have their own AutoBill PaymentMethods, are now included in the payment method update.

CB-16257 Transaction status now reported as Refunded. When you use the API method, the status of the Transaction is now set to Refunded. Previously, only Refund.perform calls resulted in a Refunded Transaction status.
CB-11306  AmEx credit card authorizations now work when using the Litle payment processor. Account.updatePaymentMethod no longer fails during validation as the result of sending $0 auths for AmEx credit cards with the Litle payment processor. Account.updatePaymentMethod now sends $1 auths for AmEx credit cards during validation.


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