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CashBox Release Notes 5.0.0

CashBox Release Notes 5.0.0

Features and Enhancements

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This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

AutoBill.migrate and Transaction.migrate

CashBox has added a new method, migrate, which allows users to import AutoBills or Transactions from an existing billing system to CashBox. This method will integrate previous information to the CashBox system in a way that allows users to work with pre-existing Transactions and AutoBills as if they had originated within CashBox.

Additional changes described below have been made as part of adding the migrate method.

Two new methods have been added to the CashBox API:

  • AutoBill.migrate
  • Transaction.migrate

One method has been removed from the CashBox API:


Several new objects have been added to the CashBox API:

  • MigrationTransaction
  • MigrationTaxItem
  • MigrationTransactionItem
  • MigrationTransactionItemType
  • MigrationTransactionType
  • TransactionValidationResponse

One data member has been added to the AutoBill object:

  • billingPlanHistory

Several data members have been added to the AutoBillItem subobject:

  • addedDate
  • campaignCyclesRemaining

Several data members have been removed from the AutoBillItem object:

  • endTimestamp
  • priceBasis
  • startTimestamp

One input parameter has been removed from the AutoBill.cancel call:

  • force

Note Because CashBox uses ordered input parameters, removal of the force parameter requires that the user refactor AutoBill.cancel calls if using the force or settle input parameters.

Several data members have been added to the Transaction object:

  • autoBillCycle
  • billingPlanCycle

Two data members have been removed from the Transaction object:

  • billingPeriodEnd
  • billingPeriodStart

Several data members have been added to the TransactionItem subobject:

  • merchantAutoBillItemId
  • servicePeriodEndDate
  • servicePeriodStartDate

Several new data members have been added to the TransactionStatus subobject:

  • boletoStatus
  • carrierBillingStatus
  • creditCardStatus
  • ecpStatus
  • hostedPageStatus
  • paymentMethodType
  • timestamp

Ticket: CB-15022 


CashBox has added a new method, AutoBill.modify, which allows users to modify existing AutoBills without losing the subscription history. Any Transactions generated as a result of this call (whether a credit, refund, or one-time Transaction) will be associated with the original and resultant AutoBill throughout the CashBox SOAP API.

  • Any Transactions generated as the result of the modify call will be returned with the Transaction.fetchByAutoBill call (using either the merchantAutoBillId or the AutoBill VID as an input parameter for the call.) 
  • The AutoBill.modify ensures that the BillingPlanID for the new AutoBill will be listed in the Transaction Detail report.
  • The Sales Tax Detail report will include any Transactions issued as a result of the AutoBill.modify call, with the appropriate Sales Tax applied.

Three methods have been removed from the CashBox API:

  • AutoBill.upgrade
  • AutoBill.addProduct
  • AutoBill.removeProduct

Several data members have been added to the AutoBillItem subobject:

  • transitionedFromMerchantAutoBillItemId
  • transitionedFromMerchantAutoBillItemVid
  • transitionedToMerchantAutoBillItemId
  • transitionedToMerchantAutoBillItemVid

Several data members have been removed from the AutoBill object:

  • minimumCommitment
  • upgradedFromVid (replaced with name-value pair: vin:upgradedFromVid)
  • upgradedToVid (replaced with name-value pair: vin:upgradedToVid)

The following data members have been removed from the Transaction object, moved to the AutoBillItem subobject, and renamed:

  • billingPeriodStart (now servicePeriodStart)
  • billingPeriodEnd (now servicePeriodEnd)

Several data members have been removed from the AutoBillItem subobject:

  • startTimestamp (renamed to addedDate)
  • endTimestamp (renamed to removedDate)
  •  priceBasis (The PriceBasis subobject has been removed.)

One data member has been added to the TransactionItem subobject:

  • autoBillItemVid

Ticket: CB-9179

Avalara Tax Engine

CashBox now supports the Avalara Tax Engine for all CashBox versions from 4.0 onward. For CashBox versions 4.0 – 4.3, merchants may choose whether to use Avalara or CashBox for tax calculations. For CashBox versions 5.0 and forward, CashBox will no longer support its previous, proprietary tax engine, and will require Avalara instead.

Vindicia will migrate existing customers to the Avalara tax system over the coming months. Merchants who wish to use the migrate and modify methods must use the Avalara tax system, and not the previous CashBox system. To support migration to the Avalara tax engine, CashBox will ignore the tax classification passed in on a SOAP call if the merchant is on Avalara, and restrict it to one of the Vindicia tax categories if the merchant is on the Vindicia tax engine. This feature has been back ported to CashBox 4.0, and may be used upon request. 

The Product object taxClassification data member has been changed from an enumerated type to a string, to enable CashBox to support the Avalara tax engine.

CashBox has added two new data members to the TransactionItem subobject. These data members will be automatically populated by CashBox with applied tax information for the TransactionItem:

  • tax
  • taxInclusive

Tickets: CB-14344, CB-15206, CB-16500 

AutoBill Name-Value Pairs Copied to Transactions Generated by the AutoBill

All Transactions generated by AutoBills will now include any name-value pairs listed for the AutoBill at the moment the Transaction is created. 

Ticket: CB-14526

Transaction Item Details Added to  Payment History on the Account Details Page in the CashBox Portal

The Account Details page will now break out line-item details for each Transaction, including refunds, credits, and taxes included with the Transaction.

Ticket: CB-14832

accountHash Data Member Replaced with a VID on the CreditCard Subobject 

CashBox has implemented a new feature which assigns a CashBox VID to each Credit Card. To support this feature, the accountHash data member has been removed from the CreditCard subobject and replaced with a VID which uniquely identifies each credit card.

Ticket: CB-12970 

Support for Paymentech Enhanced Authorizations

CashBox now supports enhanced authorizations for Chase Paymentech, in addition to the existing support for Litle. The EnhancedAuthResponse subobject on the CreditCard object has been renamed to ExtendedCardAttributes. The ExtendedCardAttributes subobject is now returned with the PaymentMethod.validate call. This new subobject has several new additional data members.

Ticket: CB-15899 

Support for Time-Based Campaigns

CashBox now allows merchants to offer Campaigns which grant time extensions to existing AutoBills. To support this feature, a new data member has been added to the Campaign object, timeGrant, which allows the merchant to specify the duration of the grant. The Create Campaign, Edit Campaign, and Campaign Details pages in the CashBox Portal also support this new feature. (In most aspects, Campaigns which grant time are created and managed the same way as Campaigns which grant a monetary discount. Time-based Campaigns are not applicable to AutoBills which include Season Sets or Use-based Rate Plans.)

Tickets: CB-11737, CB-16066

Credit Subobjects of Amount 0.00 No Longer Returned with Account Objects 

CashBox no longer returns 0.00-amount Credit subobjects with Account objects through the SOAP API, resulting in performance gains.

Ticket: CB-16605

Support for the SEPA Direct Debit Changes on Chase Paymentech, Effective February 1 2014

The CashBox Direct Debit implementation now supports SEPA Direct Debit changes in effect February 1, 2014 for Chase Paymentech. These changes allow cross-country Direct Debit transactions. For more information on the SEPA Direct Debit changes, please work with a Chase Paymentech representative.

The following changes have been made in CashBox:

  • The name-value pair vin:MandateID has been added to the AutoBill and Transaction objects. This value is passed to Paymentech in the Mandate ID field of the European Direct Debit (EDD) Extension Record. This value is used in the tuple for the mandate template.
  • The name-value pair vin:MandateApprovalDate has been added to the AutoBill and Transaction objects. This value is passed to Paymentech in the Signature Date field of the EDD Extension Record. This value is used in the tuple for the mandate template. 

Ticket: CB-15764

PayPal "Bill Immediately" Option Added to CashBox Versions 4.2.0 through 5.0.0

The PayPal "Bill Immediately" option added to CashBox 4.1 has now been added to versions 4.2.0 through 5.0.0. Merchants may use CashBox to charge a customer immediately when creating an AutoBill with an existing PayPal payment method (rather than waiting for the next Billing Cycle.) 

Ticket: CB-16335 

Bug Fixes

The following ticket items reflect bug fixes included with CashBox 5.0.0.

Ticket No.




Some AutoBills were not reset to the proper status if an AutoBill.makePayment attempt resulted in a cancelled transaction.

An internal error was causing some AutoBill.makePayment attempts for Merchant Accepted Payment payment methods to fail. These attempts would fail only if the call was made after receiving a soft fail error from your payment processor (and only if a credit card was used for the makePayment call.) These calls will now work as expected.


The Transaction Detail report did not properly display Merchant information (Name, ID, AffiliateID,  and so on.)

The Transaction Detail report was not correctly populating all fields for one-time Transactions. This report will now work as expected.


Creating an AutoBill did not validate whether the selected Product was eligible for the given Campaign Code.

The CashBox Portal would allow a user to create an AutoBill with an attached Campaign Code, even if the AutoBill did not include a Product eligible for the Campaign. CashBox will now validate Campaign Codes passed in through the Portal, and will issue an error if a user attempts to create a discounted AutoBill without an eligible Product.


The Campaign ID was not populated in fetched TransactionItem objects.

The campaignId data member was not always populated in fetched TransactionItem objects. This field will now be included as expected.

(This issue was previously fixed for CashBox 4.2.0. This issue is now fixed for CashBox 4.3 and later.)


Some Telstra transactions were not displayed in the CashBox Portal.

AutoBills with a Campaign discount applied to the price on the Billing Plan were not always displayed properly in the CashBox Portal. The discounted Billing Plans of these AutoBills will now be listed where expected.


The Cancel button did not work on the first try on Add Children page for an Account.

Clicking the Cancel button on the Add Children page for an Account would not cancel any changes made, and would not return user to the Account Details page. Clicking this button will now work as expected.


AutoBill.update previously allowed user to create an AutoBill using a currency that did not match any of the currencies used for the Billing Plan or Product.

AutoBill.update no longer allows user to create an AutoBill in a currency which does not match either the Billing Plan or the Product currency. This call will now issue an error if the currency does not match that of either the Billing Plan or the Product.


Cancellation of discounted AutoBills resulted in either the wrong amount being refunded, or a failure to cancel because (internally) the code was trying to refund more than the amount of the discount.

Cancelling an AutoBill with the Settle option enabled and with a campaign discount would either refund the wrong amount or not cancel at all. The effect of the discount on the refund total was miscalculated. Cancelling an AutoBill with an attached Campaign discount will now issue appropriate refunds.


Refund attemptss were taking failed refunds into account when they shouldn't.

Some refund attempts would fail if the total of the failed and successful refunds was greater than the total of the transaction. This error would occur only if a previous refund against the same Transaction had failed. CashBox will now calculate the funds available for a refund Transaction correctly.


Billing day was not set correctly when using a token Billing Plan to create a new AutoBill.

The CashBox Portal sometimes prevented the Billing Day from being saved correctly upon creation of new AutoBills. This field will now work as expected.


Expiration field settings were not saved when creating new AutoBills.

The CashBox Portal would not save changes to the Warn on Expiration and Send Email on Expiration settings when creating an AutoBill. These options will now be saved, as expected.


Using the Search for Credit Activity page to search by Customer Email did not consistently return the correct results.

Due to input case issues, searching for Credit Activity by customer email did not always return the expected results. This search is now fully case-insensitive, and will return the correct result as expected.


WebSession.finalize 500 was passing an empty string for the session.

Added a return string for a return code of 400 for a WebSession.finalize call. The call can now return Must specify a WebSession to finalize! in SOAP versions 3.4 - 5.0.


Transaction.auth failed if zero amount currency credit was present on the account.

Fixed a bug which was causing the Transaction.auth call to fail if a zero amount currency credit was present on the account. This call will now work as expected.

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