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CashBox Reporting for Salesforce Release Notes 3.4

CashBox Reporting for Salesforce Release Notes 3.4


As of version 14.11, CashBox Reporting for Salesforce is now known as CashBox (Basic).

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Two-Way Synchronization for Purchase Affiliate ID and SubAffiliate ID 

The app supports the ability to populate or edit Affiliate and SubAffiliate IDs on a Purchase (AutoBill or One-Time.) This establishes a 2-way sync for these optional CashBox fields. To utilize this feature, check the new configuration box on the CashBox Admin tab, labeled Sync Affiliate ID and SubAffiliate ID with CashBox. 

Account Synchronization Using Customer ID 

The app now allows the existing Sync with Existing Accounts logic to use the Customer ID value as the key for recognizing an existing account during import. The revised logic will attempt a match first using Account Vindicia Record ID (as before) but where a none is found, will then match the SFDC field Customer ID to the CashBox Merchant Account Identifier. This allows mapping of SFDC existing accounts prior to an import using Customer ID in the same manner that Vindicia Record ID has been supported previously.

Note The Refresh Account logic does require a Vindicia Record ID, so after populating Customer ID on a legacy account, allow for or force at least one import before using that feature on the newly linked account. 

Block CashBox Contact Synchronization 

The logic for syncing data between the CashBox-created Contact in SFDC and the local account information and any CashBox synched fields has been improved to allow that removing the Address VID from the Contact will prevent further updates by the app. 

Bug Fixes

The following Bugs were fixed in 3.4:

Summary Description

Account Refresh button available. 

The Account Refresh button has been exposed to the Account Layout options for use as desired. 

Non-CashBox Contact changes will not trigger Contact Synchronization. 

Previously, in some circumstances a change to any Contact on an Account could trigger changes to the local CashBox- related fields. This has been fixed. Only changes to the CashBox-associated Contact will trigger updates, and only if Address VID matches the Account's Vindicia Record ID and the Protect Account Addresses checkbox is off/false. 


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