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CashBox (Basic) Release Notes 20.1

CashBox (Basic) Release Notes 20.1

Features and Enhancements

Upgrade data sync to CashBox v20.0

In this version of the app, all API calls to CashBox are now re-factored and is using v20.0.    

Tickets: SFDC-197

Use of Sparse Response Descriptor (SRD) for high performance

The SRD allows the app to only ask for data elements that are needed for records that have previously imported into Salesforce.

Tickets: SFDC-199

Added control over import of Account Entitlements and unused Payment Methods

Under the CashBox Admin tab in the Import Settings section, there are to checkboxes that control whether the Account Entitlements and unused Payment Methods are included in the data imports.

Note: If in your Salesforce instance you already have Account Entitlements, but you are not using them and wish to use this setting to stop importing them, the app will remove all Account Entitlements from your instance.

Note: If in your Salesforce instance you have already imported all account payment methods, regardless on whether they are used for subscriptions or not, by un-checking this box, going forward, no new unused payment methods will be imported (existing ones will not be deleted).


Tickets: SFDC-203

Re-factor import logic on Account Refresh button

By leveraging the SRD, accounts with >50 subscriptions are now able to be manually refreshed with the existing custom button.

Tickets: SFDC-157

Improve CashBox Admin page layout

The page layout has been improved, with added Help text and link to the Vindicia Knowledge Base.

Tickets: SFDC-204

Configure each import object with custom page size

With this release, you can now configure custom page size for each imported object (Custom Settings >> Data Import Object). If you do not specify a page size, the default will be used as set in the Custom Settings >> Data Import Object >> Next Start.

Tickets: SFDC-207

Bug Fixes




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