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CashBox for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) Release Notes 1.17 to 1.19

CashBox for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) Release Notes 1.17 to 1.19


As of version 14.11, CashBox Reporting for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) is now known as CashBox (Premium).

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new enhancement.

Pick List for Role's Approval Threshold Record

Added a pick-list (drop- down menu) on each Role's approval threshold record on the CashBox Sales Approvals tab. This will ensure that only existing Approval Processes are used with CashBox approval conditions. 

If you do not use CashBox custom pricing with approval thresholds, no action is needed.

If you use our custom approvals logic, Admins should navigate to CashBox Sales Approvals tab and ensure that each role is mapped to a valid Salesforce Approval Process intended for these approvals. 

Bug Fixes

The following Bugs were fixed in 1.17 to 1.19:

Summary Description

On Opportunities for creating new AutoBills or Transactions, the Create Quote and Create Autobill functions were not respecting the Timestamp Adjustment for PST configuration (from the CashBox Admin tab.) This bug had minimal impact on existing users on purchases but could cause the start date to be wrong (1 day in the past) for quotes, depending on corresponding configuration in CashBox and the time- of-day that the quote was created. 

Fixed. The Start Date field and timestamp will respect the CashBox Admin tab configuration and manipulate date/times behind the scenes so that it is properly reflected in CashBox.

No action is needed. 

Custom Rate Plans created as the result of customized pricing on rated products within Salesforce Opportunities were being created with the Tier Model set to Each Respective Tier, regardless of the base plan's definition for that setting. The expected behavior was that Tier Model of custom plans duplicates that of the base plan from which the new custom one is built. 

Fixed. New custom plans will have the same parameters, except for the custom pricing, as the base plan did.

No action is needed. 

Approval Requirement was not being honored by Create Autobill on Opportunities. This was allowing certain approval processes to be circumvented and was allowing users to submit AutoBills without approved pricing. 

Fixed. When the CashBox Sales Approval threshold is exceeded, a Quote can be generated but the user cannot use Create Autobill until all priced items are raised to the approved price (or higher) or until they have submitted the Opportunity for approval and received that approval.

No action is needed. 

Approval Status and related approval-status fields on Opportunity were not being updated when the Opportunity was approved. Under certain conditions the Approved/Approval Status/Required Approver fields were staying stuck in their pre-approval values despite an Approval being accepted. The expected behavior is that all of these fields are updated in real time as pricing is changed and as approvals are processed. 

Fixed. When the pricing changes, the approval-related custom opportunity fields are updated immediately. When an approval submission is approved or rejected, the related fields are immediately updated.

No action is needed. 


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