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CashBox for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) Release Notes 1.16

CashBox for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) Release Notes 1.16


As of version 14.11, CashBox Reporting for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) is now known as CashBox (Premium).

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Populate Affiliate ID and SubAffiliate ID on Opportunities 

The app supports the ability to populate or edit Affiliate and SubAffiliate IDs on an Opportunity (AutoBill or One-Time.) This populates these values in the corresponding fields on the resulting AutoBill or Transaction (Purchase.) To utilize this feature, check the new configuration box on the CashBox Admin tab labeled Sync Affiliate ID and SubAffiliate ID with CashBox.

Note This feature is not available for Modify AutoBill opportunities. 

Specify a Shipping Address on an Opportunity 

Supports designation of a Ship To contact on the Opportunity. The contact can be chosen using the Ship To field with a common Salesforce Contact lookup (limited to contacts on the Account.) Use the magnifying glass search icon next to the field to initiate a search for contact options. Ship To is a new custom field available to Opportunities.

Another new custom field for Opportunities is included: Overwrite CashBox Account Shipping. This is a checkbox. When True (checked), the Mailing Address of the specified Ship To contact will be updated in CashBox as the new Account Shipping Address upon creation of the resulting AutoBill or Transaction (Purchase.)

Note Using the Overwrite CashBox Account Shipping checkbox will change the shipping address in CashBox as part of creating the new purchase. That change will sync back to Salesforce on the next routine import (if Protect Account Addresses is unchecked) or upon the next Refresh Account. The local shipping address will not be directly affected

Limit Payment Method Types 

Ability to limit what Payment Method Types are available in the Add Payment type dropdown based on the Profile of the user.

A new tab is available named CashBox Payment Type Permissions which allows each Payment Type to be made available individually to a specific Profile (the Profile list will be automatically generated.)

When a user navigates to the Add Payment Method page, the Payment Method Type drop-down will only show the payment method types checked for that user’s profile.

Note All boxes are defaulted to False (unchecked) so it is suggested that the installing administrator enable desired types immediately upon install of this version. 


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