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CashBox for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) Release Notes 1.11 to 1.15

CashBox for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) Release Notes 1.11 to 1.15


As of version 14.11, CashBox Reporting for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) is now known as CashBox (Premium).

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Quick Population Option for Custom Add Payment Method Page

A new look-up field added to the custom Add Payment Method page allows for search and selection of any contact associated with the account, and auto-population of the name, phone, and address fields of the form based on that contact's values.

Note If this name is shared by contacts across the organization, a known issue with Salesforce can cause errors when the contact name is typed directly into a lookup field such as this. To avoid this, use the search option (magnifying glass icon) to enter the value. Should the error occur (a message with a drop-down allowing for selection of multiple contacts on the form directly), simply conduct the search and select the name from the resulting pop-up. 

Auto-Population of Payment Method Name and Address Details

When adding a new payment method, the app will now automatically populate name and address details. These fields may be edited at will, or overridden using the new Contact lookup option. 

Custom Opportunity Record Types for CashBox Opportunity Functions 

Two new custom settings allow you to enter the Salesforce ID of any existing Opportunity Record Types, to receive the behaviors of either AutoBill or One-Time Charge (one setting for each type.) This allows you to use all CashBox abilities special to those two types to create any record type (subject to exposing the relevant fields and lists and buttons in the associated layouts.)

To set these initially, go to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > [Manage] Cashbox Opportunity Settings. Use the New button to add the desired mapping type: AutoBill or One-Time Charge (or both). (A single entry is need for each. The value will contain the Salesforce ID for each custom record type you wish to map to that CashBox type.)

Note Salesforce does not display the ID for custom record types directly. To obtain the ID, navigate to the detail page of the custom record type, and copy the ID from the URL. This value is entered into the CashBox custom setting. If more than one custom record type must be mapped, enter them in the same field separated by commas.

A single custom opportunity record type may be mapped to only one CashBox type at a time. 

Set Modify AutoBill Special Options in the Individual Opportunity Flow 

Clicking Create AutoBill in the Modify AutoBill flow will now offer a custom Visualforce page, allowing you to select per-opportunity options for the change. The parameters will be set to the default values defined in the existing matching custom settings (Service Defaults), but may be changed on the fly. These settings will be used only for the specified AutoBill creation. 

Specify Number of Cycles for Each Item in an AutoBill Opportunity

Added the option to specify a number of cycles for each Opportunity Product (custom). This option allows you to enable the CashBox setting to activate the corresponding AutoBill Item for only the first n cycles of the AutoBill. Leave this field blank to add the Product for the life of the AutoBill.

This new field appears on the Add Product custom page but may also be set on the Edit Opportunity Product pages. Valid input is restricted to blank, zero (both of which define the Product as active for the duration of the AutoBill), or positive integers. 

Custom Opportunity Field: Expected Renewal Date

Added a new custom Opportunity field: Expected Renewal Date. This field will be automatically populated with the first renewal transaction expected every time the Create Quote or Create AutoBill button is clicked. 

Custom Opportunity Field: Quote Generated Timestamp


Added a new custom Opportunity field: Quote Generated Timestamp, which will be automatically populated with the now time-stamp each time the Create Quote button is clicked. 

Bug Fixes

The following Bugs were fixed in 1.15:

Summary Description

Minor Bug fixes for Quote performance. 

Minor bug fixes for Quote performance were added in the latest release.

Known Issue

The following known issue has been identified.

Time/Date Displays Sometimes Inaccurate 

Time/Date displays sometimes appear to be inaccurate on the Opportunity when the user has non-US time zone/local configured.

For some timezones, and some Opportunities, Salesforce will incorrectly display the next day in Date fields. The correct dates and times are sent to CashBox for quotes or creation of new AutoBills, but in displaying this data, Salesforce will sometimes display the next day.

Vindicia recommends that users configure locale to use US timezones only (ideally Pacific time) to avoid the issue. We will continue to work with Salesforce on a permanent fix. 


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