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CashBox for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) Release Notes 1.10

CashBox for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) Release Notes 1.10


As of version 14.11, CashBox Reporting for Salesforce (Quote to Cash) is now known as CashBox (Premium).

Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new enhancements.

Specify a Future Start Date When Creating New AutoBills from within Salesforce 

Use the new custom Opportunity object field Start Date to set the AutoBill desired start to any current or future date.

  • SalesForce API Name = cashboxq2c__Start_Date__c

Note This field should not be used with Opportunities created using Modify AutoBill. In this case, a specific future start date for changes is set by the relevant operations' existing parameters (addNextPeriod, removeNextPeriod, etc.). 

New Fields for Opportunity Object and Updated Fields for AutoBill Object 

The following Opportunity Fields will now be populated with their latest values each time the Create Quote or Create AutoBill button is clicked:

  • Subscription Start Date
  • CashBox AutoBill parameter: startTimestamp
  • Salesforce field: cashboxq2c__Subscription_Start_Date__c
  • Subscription End Date
  • CashBox AutoBill parameter: endTimestamp
  • Salesforce field: cashboxq2c__Subscription_End_Date__c
  • Expected First Bill Date 
  • CashBox AutoBill parameter: firstBillDate
  • Salesforce field: cashboxq2c__Expected_First_Bill_Date__c
  • Expected First Bill Amount 
  • CashBox AutoBill parameter: firstBillAmount
  • Salesforce field: cashboxq2c__First_Bill_Amount__c
  • Billing Currency Code
  • CashBox AutoBill parameter: firstBillingCurrency
  • Salesforce field: cashboxq2c__Billing_Currency_Code__c
  • Merchant AutoBill ID 
  • CashBox AutoBill parameter: merchantAutoBillId
  • Salesforce field: cashboxq2c__Merchant_Autobill_Id__c
  • Customer AutoBill ID 
  • CashBox AutoBill parameter: customerAutoBillName
  • Salesforce field: cashboxq2c__Customer_Autobill_ID__c 


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