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StoreFront Release Notes 6.2.0

StoreFront Release Notes 6.2.0


New Features and Enhancements

This release contains the following enhancement.

Views Drupal module updated

 The Views Drupal module has been updated from 7.x-3.16 to 7.x-3.18. This includes a Security update. 


Bug Fixes

The following bugs were bugs fixed in this release. 

Ticked No.  Summary Description
SF-833 Receipt page showing incorrect total for tax-inclusive Subscriptions For tax-inclusive products, the Purchase Receipt page was incorrectly showing the tax-inclusive price plus sales tax added as Total Billed. This has been fixed. The Total Billed for a tax-inclusive product on the Purchase Receipt page now correctly reflects Total Billed from the Transaction Object.  
SF-844 Selected Countries, Transition Offers, Save Offers, and Extension Cancel Reason Countries not displaying on the Edit page after the Product Offer is created Multiselect Drupal functionality was not working as expected in Edit mode. For example, when countries were selected in Country Selection and moved to Selected Options, and saved as a Product Offer, they were correctly being saved to the database. But when the merchant went to Edit the Product Offer, the selected countries were not displayed as part of the Product Offer. This has been fixed. Countries added to a Product Offer are now correctly displayed when the Poduct Offer is later edited.

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