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StoreFront Release Notes 5.2.0

StoreFront Release Notes 5.2.0

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

Move configurable block text on the Upgrade/Downgrade page

A new configurable block has been added to the Upgrade/Downgrade Subscription page, which can be edited using Admin accounts.

Ticket: SF-700

Cookie expiration time reducible to 24 hours

A new Autologout module has been added that allows an Admin to configure the session timeout to any value, for all types of users.

Ticket: SF-702

Subscription Details link no longer displayed on My Orders page when subscription is Canceled

The Subscription Details link now properly displays on the My Orders page, even for a Cancelled Subscription.

Ticket: SF-703

Ip2Country module updated to correctly get user's client IP

The ip2country module has been updated to detect the user IP address based on the REMOTE_ADDR header before looking at the other proxy header values.

Ticket: SF-712

Security updates available for Drupal third party module

Two third-party modules have been updated to the most recent secure versions.

Ticket: SF-721

Bug Fixes

There were no bug fixes in this release. 

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