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StoreFront Release Notes 5.1.0

StoreFront Release Notes 5.1.0

Security Fix

The following Security Patch been made to the Storefront User Interface (March 2016).

Icons URL was directly accessible and displayed the contents of the directory on the Apache web server

Storefront has disabled the directory listing by updating the Apache configuration.

Ticket: SF-697

New Features and Enhancements

The following enhancements or improvements have been made to Release 5.1.0. (Revised Nov. 10, 2015)

Checkout Page now has a default Payment Method selected

  • For existing users, Existing Credit Card is selected as the default Payment Method, with the list of credit cards displayed in the drop down menu 
  • For new users, Credit Card is selected as the default Payment Method, with the detailed Credit Card form.
  • A new option allows merchants to replace the Terms and Conditions block by a simple checkbox with a link to complete Terms and Conditions

Ticket: SF-630

Order Information moved to Receipt page

Order information has been moved to the top of the Receipt page, just above the Payment Method information.

Ticket: SF-630

New Column on My Order page 

The My Order page has a new column, called Options, with four links that open in a new tab:

  • Subscription Detail
  • Upgrade/DowngradeStop
  • Subscription
  • Request Refund

Ticket: SF-630

Subscription Detail page modified

Manage My Subscription is replaced by three new option links:

  • Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Stop Subscription
  • Request Refund

Change My Payment Method has been replaced by two new option links:

  • Use Another Payment Method
  • Edit Credit Card (if the Payment method in use is a Credit Card)

Ticket: SF-630

Manage My Subscription page modified

  • The heading has been changed to Upgrade/Downgrade.
  • A new header has been added for all the upgrade/downgrade options: New Subscription Option, New Subscription Price.
  • Offers is now listed as New Offer Name, New Offer Price.
  • The Change Offer button is relabeled Process Change.

Ticket: SF-630

Transition/Save Offer Confirmation page modified

  • The old Offer is now listed as Current Subscription, Current Price.
  • The new selected Offer is listed as New Subscription, New Price.

Ticket: SF-630

Cancel Offer page modified

Cancel Offer Page changes involve text change and the addition of a cancel button:

  • Cancel Offer is replaced by Stop Subscription text.
  • The Select a Reason dropdown header has been removed.
  • The Cancel Subscription button label is changed to Confirm Stop Subscription.
  • The Return to My Subscriptions link is replaced by a Cancel button.

Ticket: SF-630

Update Payment Method page modified

On the Update Payment Method page, the Submit button has been relabeled Update My Payment Method.

Ticket: SF-630

New Admin page created

A new Admin page has been created with the following options:

  • A Request Refund URL page includes a text field where a URL can be entered. If this value is set, then only the Request Refund option appears on the above-listed My Account pages. This will allow individual configuration options for different merchants.
  • A New Terms and Conditions admin setting allows merchants to chose between a regular Terms and Conditions panel versus a checkbox with a Terms and Conditions link.

Ticket: SF-630

Update Drupal and any third party Modules

The Drupal Core is updated to 7.4 and third party modules are updated to their latest secure versions.

Ticket: SF-656

Single Game game description on My Subscriptions page

Single Game metadata is now displayed for the Single Game Autobill on the Subscription List and Subscription Detail pages, just below the product description

Ticket: SF-662

Links on the Subscription Details and My Orders pages now open in the same tab

The User Interface has been modified so that all of the following links now display in the current window/tab:

  • Subscription Detail
  • Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Stop Subscription
  • Edit Credit Card
  • Use another Payment Method
  • Request Refund

Ticket: SF-686

Checkout page Terms and Conditions link behavior

The Terms and Conditions link on the Checkout page has been modified so that it now opens in the same page, rather than in a new window or tab.

Ticket: SF-688

Checkout Page updates

The credit card form field Card Type and Phone have been removed from the Checkout page and the My Payment Method Update page.

Ticket: SF-691

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in StoreFront 5.1.0. 

Ticket No. Summary Description


Storefront is not properly validating the Payment Method Update.

JavaScript has been added to the Payment Method update form.


Use Another Payment Method link not updating Payment Method for Subscription.

The Use Another Payment Method link now successfully updates the payment method on the Autobill to a new credit card.


Phone Number field and label text in the Admin Interface.

The Phone Number field has been removed from Admin page for the Checkout field.

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