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StoreFront Release Notes 5.0.3

StoreFront Release Notes 5.0.3

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes two new features and a behaviour correction.

Single Game Purchase flow needs to support Affiliate ID as well

Storefront now supports passing of both Affiliate ID and Game ID in a single call. There are three URLs for different use cases:

Ticket: SF-655

Single Game Description on Storefront Pages

Storefront has created four new tokens that are functional only if the merchant sends a valid Game ID to the checkout and receipt pages—otherwise an empty string is returned. These tokens can be used in Storefront Configurable Blocks to display Single Game Meta Data. The following list includes the format and its descriptions to call a Game Token: 

  • [cs_tokens:cs_game_id]—returns the Game ID 
  • [cs_tokens:cs_game_dt]—returns the Game Date Time value 
  • [cs_tokens:cs_game_home_team]—returns the Home Team value 
  • [cs_tokens:cs_game_away_team]—returns the Away Team value 

Ticket: SF-657

User able to delete Payment Method associated with an Active Subscription

Previous, contrary to Storefront design intentions, a user was able to delete a payment method associated with an active subscription. This has been corrected in the current release to prevent users from deleting an in-use payment method. 

Ticket: SF-641

Bug Fixes

There were no bug fixes in this release. 

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