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Input (record_in)
Name Type
auth Authentication
srd xsd:string
activities Activity (0 or more)


Output (record_out)

Name Type
return Return


Records non-transaction activity on a merchant's site. This method may either be called once per activity generated, or activities may be queued and submitted periodically.

The information gathered by this method is primarily used as evidence for disputing chargebacks. The activity reported should be gathered with an eye towards this. For example, there is no need to report every pageview on a site - the intent of the ActivityURIView activity is to report access to for-pay content, for example, the download of a song. If you have any questions about which data it is best to report, please contact your service representative.

Each call to methodLink=record should include an array of Activity objects, with appropriate ActivityTypeArg elements.

In addition to standard return codes, Activity may return the following special strings in returnString, both with a returnCode of 400:

Error saving activity: <errorMsg>
Indicates a fatal error saving the activity. If you receive this message, contact your service representative.
Unknown activity type...
Indiciates that an unknown (or unsupported) activity type was specified.

In any fatal error case (i.e., return codes of 300 or above) all activities reported are not saved and must be resubmitted.


Input Fields

Credentials required to authenticate this request
sparse return descriptor
Array of activities to be recorded

Output Fields

Basic results of this request (success, failure, error, etc.)