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Product Catalog

Product Catalog

The Vindicia Subscribe Product Catalog delivers the flexibility you need to manage pricing for virtually any mix of products and services. In Vindicia Subscribe, you create a product catalog that packages your products and ties them to billing and rate plans. You set entitlement preferences to control access to your products. You can also tailor offers to entice target customers, mix and match products and services, and fine-tune pricing to increase customer acquisition rates. Vindicia Subscribe makes it easy to manage all aspects of your product catalog without involving your IT resources.

With the Vindicia Subscribe Product Catalog, the key word is flexible. It enables dynamic product pricing across multiple channels, and gives you the ability to easily define pricing at the product and billing plan levels. You can even mix business models, with support for subscriptions, one-time purchases, and usage-based pricing.


Within Vindicia Subscribe, a product is an item or service you offer for purchase online. It can be a single item or a bundle of items. For instance, you could offer monthly credit monitoring services by subscription, or a bundle that includes the monthly monitoring service, a quarterly financial newsletter, and a one-time purchase of a budgeting tool.

The flexibility extends to the pricing parameters. Bill for a set price or according to a rate plan based on usage or seats. You can even set pricing based on currency. Vindicia Subscribe makes it easy to create new products, edit existing products, and add products to a subscription plan. Manage your products efficiently with search tools and by reusing and modifying existing configurations.

Product highlights include:

  • Flexible product catalog
  • Support for simple and complex business models, such as:
    • Freemium
    • Subscription, including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, or seasonal
    • Hybrid, including subscription with recurring components, one-time purchase, and limited charges
    • Usage-based
    • Pay-per-access or download
    • Microtransaction-based
    • Virtual currency
  • Support for almost any language or currency
  • Modular and reusable configurations
  • Product bundles
  • Extensible data model

Billing Plans

A Vindicia Subscribe Billing Plan is the set of rules that define when and how much to charge for an ongoing subscription. Billing plans encompass currency, billing frequency, and pricing rules. Each billing plan includes a set of billing periods, which are defined by billing cycles, with billing occurring at the start of each cycle. Examples include the first three months of a service at $10 per month, followed by payments of $15 per month. Or free for 30 days followed by payments of $25 per month or the equivalent in other currencies. Each recurring billing plan is associated with a subscription.

Easy to use, Vindicia Subscribe enables people outside the IT department to create and manage billing plans through an online portal. You streamline billing plan administration by linking billing plans and product management.

Vindicia Subscribe Billing Plan highlights include:

  • Free trials with subscription auto-enrollment
  • Recurring or non-recurring billing
  • Flexible grace periods, anniversary dates, terms, and pricing
  • Single- and multi-tiered pricing
  • Support for multiple offer periods, recurring billing, and virtually all currencies

Rate Plans

Vindicia Subscribe Rate Plans let you base pricing on the number of items used or other measure of quantity used. Rate plans can vary based on tiers. For example, you may offer cloud-based storage based on quantity and tiers. Your rate plan could offer 50GB of storage at $7 per month, the next 100GB at $0.50 per GB, and any additional storage at $0.20 per GB per month. You can also set a not-to-exceed amount, and define minimum per month charges.

Vindicia Subscribe Rate Plan highlights include:

  • Create and manage usage-based rate plans
  • Associate plans with one or more products for efficiency
  • Extensible data model
  • Flexible plan types can include:
    • Flat fees
    • Per-unit and included unit fees
    • Tier-based pricing
    • Maximum and minimum fees
    • Merchant defined units of measure


Entitlements determine whether a customer has access to your offerings through a successful purchase or by signing up for a free offer. You grant entitlements through products or billing plans. For subscriptions, entitlements are active while billing is successful. Highly flexible, entitlement parameters can help you retain subscribers by extending access to products during potentially temporary billing failures, keeping your customers happy while issues are resolved.

Entitlement flexibility extends beyond subscriptions, allowing you to grant access to a variety of one-time purchases. For example, a customer might purchase viewing access to one or several sporting events, or 48-hour viewing access to a movie.

Vindicia Subscribe Entitlement highlights include:

  • Flexible content access parameters
  • Links to products, billing plans, and accounts
  • Control of entitlements based on payment status
  • Merchant-determined entitlement codes
  • API access to entitlement details
  • Locally cached entitlements with regular or event-driven updates for improved performance

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