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You run campaigns and launch promotions to drive customer acquisition, and Vindicia Subscribe makes success easier. Within Vindicia Subscribe, you set up promotions that target a wide array of customer types by creating discounts and coupons. Track results using Vindicia Subscribe reports, and test, modify, and refine campaigns to enhance acquisition. Unlike competing products, the intuitive tools in Vindicia Subscribe enable marketing teams to build and run campaigns with little or no assistance from IT.

Create and Run Campaigns

Vindicia Subscribe Campaigns let you create special offers on products, limited-time pricing, entitlement extensions, and other pricing structures. You can readily attract new customers, reward existing customers, and enhance retention of long-term customers. Discounts can even be currency-based, helping you support global campaigns. Flexible functionality enables you to apply incentives to a single purchase or over a specified time period. Evaluate promotion distribution methods, offer effectiveness, and targeted marketing strategies by tracking campaign codes from generation to redemption.

Vindicia Subscribe powers two kinds of campaigns:

  • Promotion campaigns. You generate a single code for wide distribution through print or online publications, broadcast advertising, and mass email. These types of codes are not unique to individual users or narrowly defined user groups.
  • Coupon campaigns. You generate multiple unique codes, each of which can be used a defined number of times. These campaigns can be highly targeted, and you can readily track redemption rates based on distribution method.

Vindicia Subscribe lets you define code parameters, which can include reduced fixed-prices, percentage discounts, and extended free trial periods. You can offer a limited-time discount or one that spans multiple subscription billing cycles.

Marketing Agility

With Vindicia Subscribe, you get campaign flexibility. An online fitness coaching tool provider, for example, could offer unlimited coaching for three months for a set price, with limits kicking in after the discounted period. Or a streaming media provider could offer a defined number of free months for all new subscribers, with no time limits associated with the promotion.

Creating and launching a Vindicia Subscribe campaign is fast and simple. You go to a single page in the Vindicia Subscribe portal, select a product or products, and then set the relevant discounted price, time extension, timeframe, campaign description, and series code. Evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign in a redemption and revenue report.

Vindicia Subscribe Campaign highlights include:

  • Design promotion and coupon campaigns easily
  • Offer rolling and fixed-period discounts
  • Bundle products in discounted packages
  • Control effective dates and validity periods
  • Create currency-, percentage-, or time-based discounts
  • Perform promotion code and coupon series code validation
  • Clone campaigns for fast creation of related campaigns
  • Generate reports to evaluate effectiveness
  • Discount both subscriptions and one-time transactions

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