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Vindicia Subscribe Essential Do It Yourself Integration Playbook

Project Playbook

During the course of this project, you will be using the on-line documentation, including tutorials and videos, along with our sample code and real-time technical support to integrate Subscribe into your operations.  Specifically, you’ll be integrating Subscribe to your user store-front (including self-care) and your content management system. You may also be extracting data from Subscribe to feed your own data warehouse or ERP system.

Using Tutorials

The content and mode of the tutorials will vary based on the subject matter and expected audience but there is some common information contained within all tutorials.

  • User Story - A one or two sentence description of the scope of the tutorial

  • Use Case # - Unique ID for the tutorial (when you reference this number it helps us know where you are in your integration work so you can provide more targeted support)

  • Estimated Completion Time - how long it should take the assigned resource to complete this use case.  This is an estimate only of course and should be used as a guideline for project planning purposes

  • Uses - What Subscribe components will be used to implement this use case.

  • Completed By - What resource is expected to implement this use case.

  • Pre and post-requisites - What needs to happen before this use case can be implemented and what are the results of this use case once it has been implemented.

Use the links in the table below to view a high-level description of the tutorials contained within each functional area.  You will also find a link to view the detailed use cases/tutorials for each grouping. (throughout this article we will be using “tutorial” and Use Case” interchangeably)

Offer Management Order Management
Customer Care Subscriber Self-Care
Entitlement Management Charging & Billing
Financial Activities Data & Reporting

Note that some tutorials are for your information only.  Others are designed to show you how to complete specific tasks in Subscribe such as run reports or reconcile cash.  Other use cases will walk you through aspects of the technical integration you will need to perform to complete this project.

In all, there are a total of 63 Use Cases/Tutorials. In the table below you can see the number of use cases by user (aka “Completed By”).  This may seem overwhelming at first but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.

Completed By Count
Lead Developer/Engineer 34
Business Manager 15
Customer Service Manager 9
Finance Manager 5

Feel free to refer to the Project Playbook often and if you find yourself in need of a little extra assistance or if you have a question you can seem to find the answer to feel free to drop us a line a

Using the Project Playbook

To help you get started and to keep you on the right path we’ve sequenced the tutorials in the order that will allow you to get up and running on Subscribe in the shortest amount of time.  Feel free to follow this plan or to comprise one of your own.

Each of the modules listed below will walk you through a prescribed set of tutorials/use cases.  The modules are designed to be done in the order listed but you can skip any that do not pertain to your project.

Good luck and remember, if you get stuck or just need some additional information please reach out to us at


Module 0 - Concepts and Precepts

Unit 1 - Key Concepts and Best Practices

Unit 2 - Subscriber Management



Module 1 - Basic Subscriptions

Unit 1 - Set up a basic subscription

Unit 2 - Free Trials

Unit 3 - Campaigns and Promotions




Module 2 - Subscription Changes, Updates and Cancelations

Unit 1 - Subscriber Accounts

Unit 2 - Subscription Upgrades & Downgrades

Unit 3 - Subscription Cancelations 

Unit 4 - Payment method changes

Module 3 - Customer Service

Unit 1 - Customer Care

Module 4 - Financial Reporting

Unit 1 - Finance and Accounting


Module 5 - Reporting

Unit 1 - Reporting

Unit 2 - Data Extracts


Module 6 - PayPal and VIP Subscriptions

Unit 1 - Using PayPal

Unit 2- VIP Subscriptions

Module 7 -  Seasonal Billing

Unit 1 - Seasonal Subscriptions


Module 8 - Non-Recurring Subscriptions

Unit 1 - Single-Use Products

Unit 2- Single-Event Products